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Abdominal Crunches: Why Are They Important And How To Do Them?

Abdominal Crunches
Abdominal Crunches

Abdominal crunches are a type of exercise that targets the muscles of your abdominal area, specifically the rectus abdominis muscle, commonly referred to as the “six-pack.” This exercise is widely recognized and performed to strengthen and tone the muscles in the front of your torso.

Why Should You Do Abdominal Crunches?

Abdominal crunches are a popular exercise that specifically targets the muscles of your abdominal area, particularly the rectus abdominis muscle, commonly known as the “six-pack.” 

Including various types of crunches in your workout routine can offer several benefits for your core strength and overall fitness. 

Here’s a detailed explanation of all abdominal crunches benefits:

1. Improve Core Muscle Strength

Improve Core Muscle Strength

Weighted abdominal crunches primarily work the rectus abdominis, which helps to flex the spine. Strengthening these muscles contributes to better core stability and overall body strength. Plus, this is one of the best advice for living with chronic pain.

2. Improve Posture

Strong abdominal muscles play a vital role in maintaining proper posture. A strong core helps support the spine, reducing the risk of slouching and associated back pain management.

3. Enhanced Athletic Performance

Enhanced Athletic Performance

A strong core is essential for various sports and physical activities. It provides a stable base for movements, such as twisting, lifting, and reaching, which are common in many sports. For most individuals, abdominal crunches muscles worked like a charm in staying lean and energetic!

4. Functional Movements

Core strength is important for everyday activities like bending, lifting, and reaching. A strong core can make these movements more efficient and reduce the risk of strain or injury.

5. Reduced Back Pain

Reduced Back Pain

Weak abdominal muscles can contribute to low back pain. Strengthening the core can alleviate stress on the back and improve spine stability, potentially reducing discomfort and abdominal pain.

6. Balanced Muscle Development

Incorporating abdominal crunches into your routine helps create balanced muscle development. Many people tend to focus on larger muscle groups, and dedicated core exercises like crunches help address the smaller muscles of the abdomen.

7. Body Composition and Aesthetics

Body Composition and Aesthetics

While spot reduction isn’t effective for losing fat in specific areas, including abdominal exercises like crunches in your routine can contribute to a more defined appearance of your abdominal muscles once body fat decreases overall. In addition, this is one of the ways moms can look and feel their best.

8. Six packs

There is a reason why most men would want to do abdominal crunches – it’s because of getting a six-pack. We know it looks cool and makes you feel more confident of your physical appearance overall. In addition, it has been reported that having six-pack abs makes men feel more confident. Plus, women like them too!

In regards to women, they can benefit from crunches as well. While it may not lead to a prominent six-pack, it greatly helps them lose abdominal fat. This also leads to a boost in women’s self-confidence regarding their physical appearance as well. Plus, men like this, too!

9. Variety in Workout Routine

Abdominal crunches provide variety in your workout routine, targeting muscles that might not be engaged in other exercises. This is because, most of the time, we are working the muscles in our limbs, back, shoulders, and chests.

Abdominal muscles are the least targeted muscles as per most workouts. This is why calisthenics has become such an important part of the curriculum of many body builders.

How To Do Abdominal Crunches?

It’s possible to do these crunches with an abdominal crunches machine or with an abdominal crunches ball. Here’s a detailed explanation of how to do abdominal crunches with proper form:

1. Starting Position

First, lie down on your back on a comfortable surface, such as a mat or carpet. Then, bend your knees and place your feet flat on the ground, hip-width apart. Finally, keep your arms by your sides, or you can place your hands behind your head to support your neck (avoid pulling on your head).

2. Engage Your Core

Gently engage your core muscles by pulling your belly button toward your spine. This helps stabilize your spine and protect your lower back.

3. Performing the Crunch

Here, start with inhaling deeply, and as you exhale, lift your head, shoulders, and upper back off the ground using your abdominal muscles. Then, Focus on curling your upper body forward while keeping your lower back on the ground. 

Your lower back should not lift off the floor during the movement. Finally, keep your neck relaxed and avoid pulling on your head with your hands. Your hands can lightly support your head, but the effort should come from your abdominal muscles.

4. Contraction and Hold

At the top of the movement, your shoulder blades should be slightly off the ground, and you should feel a strong contraction in your abdominal muscles. Next, hold the contraction for a brief moment while maintaining your breath.

5. Lowering Down

Inhale as you slowly lower your upper body back down to the starting position. In addition, keep the movement controlled and avoid dropping your head back onto the floor.

6. Repeat the Movement

Perform the desired number of repetitions. Start with a manageable number and gradually increase as your strength improves.


With abdominal crunches, it’s important to listen to your body and avoid overexertion. If you’re new to abdominal crunches or have any underlying health concerns, consider consulting a fitness professional or healthcare provider before starting a new exercise routine.

Always remember that abdominal crunches are just one component of a well-rounded fitness routine. Incorporate other exercises that target different muscle groups for balanced strength and overall fitness.

As with any exercise, it’s advisable to consult a fitness professional or healthcare provider if you’re new to crunches or have any underlying health concerns.

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