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Can News Addiction Harm The Mental And Physical Health?

News Addiction

The physiological study shows that a person who is obsessed with the news is more prone to health concerns issues and mental stress. A recent study is published in the journal of health communication. During the last few years, these physical illnesses and mental illnesses have been directly linked to the nature of frequently seeing the news.

During covid pandemic, most people are investing their time by just sitting and watching the latest television news. Everything is going under the radar of the news readers, from the covid pandemic news to the Russia-Ukraine war.

However, one thing is very sure every listener is getting inside the news. And they are going to know all about the news. But is this news really harmful to individual people’s mental health? Yes, some of the time, this news causes serious mental problems.

When people constantly see this news, their nerves become more active, and sometimes these overactive nerve functions become a big disaster. Professor Bryan McLaughlin at the College of Media and Communication at Texas Tech University says,

Witnessing these events unfold in the news can bring about a constant state of high alert in some people, kicking their surveillance motives into overdrive and making the world seem like a dark and dangerous place,”

That means something beyond knowledge is causing serious mental stress. And this is a serious problem. How to avoid it? We all have to know about the latest news, but it will be better if we all give the boundary a certain limit.

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