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Carnivore Diet For A Teenager? Is It Safe? What More You Should Know

carnivore diet

Teens are the growing years that everyone will look back to. Although an epitome of psychological development, it is also a critical stage for psychological development towards adulthood.

Therefore, as responsible parents, we dread this time. Understanding our children’s psychological needs, all the while making amends in their diet. If you are looking for an appropriate diet for your teen and have stumbled across the term carnivore diet, confusion is inevitable.

Especially when there is a halo effect going on for anyone following the vegan trend.

In no way is this article going to bash anyone following the vegan diet. However, animal proteins are an important part of any diet. Sometimes, supplements cannot offer the same nutritional demands (especially if your teen is on an athletic journey).

Plus, something as extremist as a carnivore diet is totally against the ethical conduct of a vegan diet. Both have their separate health benefits and drawbacks. However, it depends on which age you are incorporating such a diet.

So, without any further ado, let’s get into whether a carnivore diet is right for your teen.

What Is A Carnivore Diet

What Is A Carnivore Diet

If a vegan diet is consumed on plant-based items and totally stays away from the animal-based diet, then the carnivore diet is the opposite.

This means you consume nothing else but animal products, including meat, dairy, and eggs. However, this also means that you will not consume any plant-based items, including vegetables, fruits, and other nut-based products.

The carnivore diet trend stems from many claiming how our ancestors survived in the world. Stating that they never ate anything plant-based and totally relied on meat and animal-based products.

The rate of high carbs and gluten in today’s diet is what is causing the high amount of cholesterol.

Therefore, cutting down on these unnecessary carbs for ‘energy,’ we should step into our roots where energy supply is from the protein and raw fat we consume.

However, one needs to understand that this diet lacks other nutritional benefits. With no fiber and antioxidants and such a rich protein diet, having gastronomical issues with this diet is quite inevitable. This is why this diet is not a helpful outlet for all ages, especially people who have high cholesterol.

Then What About The Teens?

It is quite self-explanatory that a carnivorous diet is not appropriate for the following:

Children under the age of five. They will require a balanced diet with a plethora of vitamins and nutrients.

People over the age of forty-five. Our digestive system starts depleting after the age of forty.

But will this be the best diet for your teen? Then here are a few things you should know.

Fair disclaimer: we are not experts, and there are limited research conclusions to support the statements. This is why we are only stating from previous pure research materials. Needless to say, this is a diet you shouldn’t continue for a protracted time.

However, if you have a special need for a limited period of time, you can begin with this diet.

1. Eliminating The Harmful Food Items

Eliminating The Harmful Food Items

When it comes to the carnivore diet, elimination is a pioneer factor. However, many are simply considering the elimination of plant items. However, when it comes to elimination, your teen is also eliminating harmful items like sugar, gluten, excessive carbs, and synthetically altered fruits and vegetables, which are filled with chemicals.

If your teen is suffering from an autoimmune disease, plant-based diets alongside nut-based items can anger some allergens.

Different types of acne issues as a teen are often caused by a heavy, sugary diet; one can understand why the carnivore diet could be a favorite for many.

Gut problems are more common with too much nut-based diet than well-cooked meat.

2. Better Acne Treatment

Better Acne Treatment

Acne is one of the obstacles every teenager faces. Whether it is during their early teens or their late teens reaching adulthood, this not only causes physical dysmorphia but heavy insecurities, especially at such an age where external validation becomes the pear of all validation.

Therefore, it is not uncommon for teens to wonder whether an elimination diet would help.

After all, an elimination diet makes you give up some of the major catalysts of acne inflammation.

Although there is no guarantee that a carnivore diet is the ultimate way to make a teen’s acne go away, the prevention of certain food items can help improve the skin. Food items like milk and sucrose are notoriously known for excessive sebum production in the subdermal layer.

Therefore, when a teen completely depends on good protein, their diet will be much healthier. When you prepare your protein in a healthy manner, it doesn’t have any catalyst to cause acne.

Improving Teen’s Mental Health

Improving Teen's Mental Health

When it comes to teen mental health, experts convey the elements found in the carnivore diet that can help. Some of them are:

Creatine: Can improve brain functions and help get rid of cognitive issues like poor concentration and brain fog.

Carnitine: This is a common agent used in treating last-level Alzheimer’s. However, when it comes to helping teens, Carnitine can help reduce the symptoms of depression. Plus, it improves thinking skills even through high levels of cortisol stress level.

Carnosine: Carnosine has beneficial antioxidant properties. Therefore, one can deduce plants are not the only source of antioxidants. However, when it comes to mental health assistance, it can help improve negative cognitive symptoms. Experts detect this from research done on Schizophrenia patients.

Taurine: Taurine is filled with a GABA agent that works as a natural beta blocker. This works as a calming agent for anxiety-prone teens. Anxiety and Depression are two of the common mental health issues that teens go through due to the changing hormonal balance.

Dr.Georgia Ede gives her account of the carnivore diet in this article on how it helps teens with mental health issues. She has given a discreet, first-hand account of her patients (without providing any personal data) about how cutting down plant-based diets and embracing the carnivore diet has helped them improve their mental health issues.

To embrace a carnivore diet as a Teenager!

To embrace a carnivore diet as a Teenager!

So, before you, as a teen, embrace this carnivore diet, here are a few warnings you should consider. Because experts also have a lot to say about the different ways this diet can harm you. Therefore, keeping your physical state in mind is crucial before you can embrace this diet.

While the carnivore diet may offer some benefits, it comes with potential warning signs that should not be overlooked. Nutrient deficiencies, particularly in fiber and certain vitamins, may arise.

Additionally, the long-term impact on cardiovascular health remains a concern, given the high intake of saturated fats. Gastrointestinal issues, such as constipation, are also reported. It’s crucial to approach the carnivore diet with caution, considering its restrictive nature.

Consultation with healthcare professionals and careful monitoring of health markers is essential to mitigate potential risks and ensure a balanced nutritional intake for overall well-being.

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