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Concerta VS Adderall – What Is The Difference?

Concerta VS Adderall

Do your child suffers from the problem of ADHD? Which medicine are you taking, depending on the prescription of your doctor, Concerta or Adderall? Do you know the difference between Concerta vs. Adderall? If not, then read this article thoroughly.

You will get a complete idea about these medicines once you read the article till the end. I will try to cover every critical point for you to know in detail. Ensure that you must not make your selection erroneously.

Concerta and Adderall can help you in the treatment of ADHD. Some people adopt behavioral therapy along with medications. Now, it cannot be the same for everyone. You must know some of the crucial facts while you make the comparison between the two.

What Is Concerta?

What Is Concerta

Concerta is mainly helpful for treating Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder(ADHD). It works on the parameter for changing certain substances in the brain. Methylphenidate is the class of this drug. 

What Is Adderall?

What Is Adderall

Adderall also helps in the treatment of ADHD. This medicine works on a number of changes in the natural substances in the brain. It belongs to the dextroamphetamine/ Amphetamine class of drugs. Doctors consider it one of the best drugs to heal your ailments within a specific period.

Concerta VS Adderall 

Concerta VS Adderall 

There are several points of difference between Concerta vs Adderall, which you must consider at your end when you want to know some of the crucial facts about these two drugs. You must not make the wrong selection of medicines before consuming them. Let’s find out some of the core points of differences between them.

1. Generic Name   

The Generic name Of Concerta is Methylphenidate, whereas the generic name of Adderall is Dextoampethemine or the amphetamine salts

You must know the generic name of the two drugs when you want to buy any of the two drugs on the market. Adderall vs Concerta comparison you must know in detail before consuming it. 

2. Forms Of Drugs Available 

Concerta is available in the form of oral tablets and extended-release. On the other hand, Adderall is available as an oral capsule and an oral tablet in the form of extended release. 

You must consider these facts when you want to achieve your objectives effectively. It is one of the prime points of difference between Concerta vs. Adderall. You must ignore the consumption of these two drugs without the doctor’s consent. 

3. Dosage Cycle 

You must consume 18 to 36mg once in the morning daily for the Concerta drug.  Whereas in the case of Adderall drugs, you must consume 5 to 40mg within 4-6 hours of duration on the advice of the doctor.  

You must follow the standard dosage cycle at your end while consuming these drugs. You must know this fact at your end while you consume these medicines to cure your ailment. 

4. Main User Of The Medicines 

The main user of Adderall is popular among older children and adolescents, and 5mg is best for older children. On the other hand, 40mg is enough for adults. 

On the other hand, the Concerta is best for children is 54mg and 72mg in the case of adults. This demography of the people must consume these drugs on a daily basis. Adderall XR vs Concerta have these facts in priority which you must know at your end. 

5. Drug Class 

Both drugs belong to the CNS stimulant class. You must consider these facts while you want to avoid the chances of any side effects of the two drugs on your end. You must consider the above factors at your end while you want to consider the mentioned points at your end. 

I repeat this thing once again both medicines are useful for your ADHD treatment but you have to maintain a perfect dosage cycle to get the results in your favor.

Concerta VS Adderall 

Properties Concerta Adderall 
Generic Name MethylphenidateDextoampethemine or the amphetamine salts
Forms Of Drugs Available Extended-release, Oral tablet Oral tablet, oral capsule, Extended release. 
Dosage Cycle18-36 once in the daily morning 5-40mg within a duration 4-6 hours 
Main User Of Medicine Adults & Children. Older children and adults 
Drug Class CNS stimulantCNS stimulant

Which Patient Must Avoid Consuming Concerta? 

Which Patient Must Avoid Consuming Concerta

Heart patients must avoid consuming this drug. Otherwise, things can turn worse for them. If you are a heart patient, then you must consult your doctor before consuming this medicine. 

Which Patient Must Avoid Consume Adderall?

Which Patient Must Avoid Consume Adderall

Patients who are suffering from acute stomach problems and other types of medical disorders like heart problems must avoid the consumption of these drugs. Ensure that you avoid the dosage of the drugs if you have the above problems in your body.

How Long Does Adderall Stay In Your System? 

Adderall stays in your body for a period of 72 hours to 3 days. It is the maximum limit that this drug stays in your system. Consume this drug after you have gotten the affirmation from the doctor.

Side Effects Of Concerta VS Adderall 

Side effects Concerta (Applicability) Frequency Adderall (Applicability Frequency 
Headache Yes 22% Yes Not Applicable 
Nausea Yes 13% Yes Not Applicable 
Dry Mouth Yes 14% Yes Not Applicable 
Anxiety Yes 8% Yes Not Applicable 
Insomnia Yes 12% Yes Not Applicable 
Decreased appetite Yes 25% Yes Not Applicable 
Dizziness Yes 7% Yes Not Applicable 
Irritability Yes 6% Yes Not Applicable 
Abdominal Pain Yes 6% Yes Not Applicable 
Increased Sweating Yes 5% Yes Not Applicable 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

1. Can You Consume Adderall Without Doctors Prescription? 

Ans: Yes!! You can consume Adderall without having a prescription from the doctor. You must consider these facts on your end while consuming these drugs. 

2. Is Concerta Safe To Use? 

Ans: Yes!! On the prescription of the doctor, it is safe to use but for heart patients and alcohol, consumers stay out of these drugs. 

3. Which Can Cause Maximum Damage To Your Body? 

Ans: Concerta can cause maximum damage to your body if you cannot make the proper use of the drugs on your end. You need to identify these facts at your end before consuming your end. 

4. In Which Form You Can Consume Both Concerta And Adderall? 

Ans: In capsule and oral form, you can consume Concerta and Adderall. You have to make things work in the right way while consuming these drugs.

Final Suggestions 

Hence, before consuming the above drugs to treat ADHD syndrome, you must consider the above factors. However, both drugs are helpful. Just ensure that you must consider seeking the advice of your doctor. 

You must feel free to share your views, ideas, and opinions in our comment box. It will help us to understand whether we have left out anything or not in this article. From my end, I have tried to deliver all the information crucial for your treatment. 

Without proper consultation with the doctor, you must not consume this drug at your end. Otherwise, things can turn worse for you.

You must consume these two medicines on the advice of your doctor. Otherwise, it can prove harmful to your health. In addition, these drugs do contain specific side effects, which can impact your body badly. Therefore seek your doctor's suggestion. 


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