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GNC Amp Pure Isolate – Best Review By Users In 2022

GNC Amp Pure Isolate

Are you a bodybuilder? Are you looking for a protein powder that helps you gain muscles quickly and makes them stronger?

GNC Amp Pure Isolate protein powder is here to save your day. This 100% pure protein powder enables you to repair muscles and build stronger ones as quickly as possible.

Then you are in luck today. Start reading the review about  ty=his protein powder and what health benefits it will provide. Tus will help you decide whether you are going to purchase and consume this supplement or not.

GNC Amp Pure Isolate Ingredients

GNC Amp Pure Isolate Ingredients

The main ingredients of the GNC Amp Pure Isolate are:

  • Isolated Whey Protein
  • Maltodextrin
  • Bulking Agent
  • Thickener
  • Anti Caking Agent

GNC Amp Pure Isolate Nutrition Facts

Before you head out to the gym, you need to make yourself a protein shake with GNC Amp Pure Isolate whey Protein Powder.

But even if you drink this powdery supplement, you need to know precisely what you are signing up for. Therefore, knowing how nutritious one serving (32g) or one scoop will provide you is essential.

Note: one entire jar or container of this whey protein powder contains approximately 62 scoops.

NutrientsAmount Per Scoop
Energy127 kcal
Total Fat1g
Trans Fat0g
Saturated Fat0.05g

GNC Amp Pure Isolate Benefits

GNC Amp Pure Isolate Benefits

You should use the GNC Amp Pure Isolate protein powder for various bodybuilding uses. The primary health benefits of using this protein powder are:

1. Easy To Absorb Protein Supplement

The proteins in this supplement are one of the easiest to absorb compared to other competitors like the MuscleTech Platinum Creatine and Mass Tech Extreme 2000.

The proteins in this powder are 100% pure and easy to digest because they have been filtered at the micro-level. This makes them fast and easy to digit by your stomach and intestines in your bloodstream.

Therefore, the effects of this protein powder can be felt easily, as you see your muscle increasing in size at a fast pace. Easier digestion means faster muscle repair after an intense workout session. This reduces muscle cramps and fatigue after workouts.

2. Enhances Strength Of Muscles

When whey protein enters your digestive system, they release amino acids upon digestion. These acids start working on your muscles by repairing tissue damage and swollen muscles.

Having a protein shake with this whey protein powder before you hit the gym ensures that your muscles get the energy boost they require. This extra energy helps you pull heavier weights easily and also helps repair your fatigued muscles faster.

Therefore, the GNC Amp Pure Isolate makes you feel energetic even after intense morning workout sessions in the morning.

3. Pure Proteins

One of the best benefits of using the GNC Amp Pure Isolate is that it is one of the few protein powders that contain 100% pure proteins. These are not unrefined or broken-down proteins that other protein supplements like Nitro Tech Protein have. 

To make the protein purer, it is filtered through 20 different filtration systems. To retain its purity and health benefits, it contains no added sugars and trans fats. This helps you achieve the dream body you desired for so many days in the gym.

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4. Boosts Workout Sessions

This protein powder is best for skinny hard gainers because it contains pure proteins that can be easily digested and absorbed by the bloodstream. 

But you must be wondering, why is this especially beneficial for hard gainers?

Unlike others, hard gainers need to have an overdose or surplus of proteins and calories in their system every day. This is the reason why they need to eat three times the normal amount of calories they generally consume to build muscles

The pure proteins of the GNC Amp Pure Isolate provide exactly that to people. Support this with intense and daily workout sessions; lanky hard gainers will have athletic physiques in no time at all.

GNC Amp Pure Isolate Reviews: What Do Users Have To Say?

GNC Amp Pure Isolate Reviews What Do Users Have To Say

After scouring through hundreds of reviews of the GNC Amp Pure Isolate, we saw that consumers have positive and negative things about this protein powder.

On most online eCommerce websites like Amazon, HealthXP, Nutrabay, and Healthkart, more than 60% of the reviews have been positive.

Most users have proclaimed that this protein powder is very tasty. Both the flavors – the Chocolate Frost and the Custard Vanilla are delicious when added with milk and other foods like bananas and peanut butter.

The main advantages and disadvantages of using this whey protein powder are:


The main advantages of using the GNC Amp Pure Isolate over other whey protein powders are:

  • It contains 100% pure proteins that maximize your workout potential.
  • If consumed before workouts, it helps in providing a healthy amount of energy to your muscles so that you can lift heavier weights.
  • Consuming this after a workout will help in faster repair and recovery of muscles and broken tissues post workouts. This enhances overall muscle growth.
  • This reduces muscle fatigue when you wake up the next morning due to its faster repair system.


The few drawbacks of this whey protein powder are:

  • Since it contains 100% pure proteins, it can increase the overall weight of people looking forward to reducing weight. Therefore, this is better for skinny hard gainers than heavier easy gainers.
  • It is a bit more expensive than other whey protein powders, but not by a big margin.
  • The powder takes a long time to dissolve in milk or water, depending on what type of protein shake you prefer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q1. What Does GNC Pure Isolate Do?

Ans: This isolated protein powder helps provide you with lots of calories and pure proteins to build muscle easily and fast in no time if you hit the gym daily.

Q2. Is Pure Isolate Good For Weight Loss?

Ans: Yes, pure isolate is good for weight loss since it contains fewer calories overall when compared with whey protein powder.

Q3. Does GNC Amp Pure Isolate Have Caffeine?

Ans: No, this protein powder does not have any caffeine. This helps lower addiction to this protein powder, which is what caffeine like tea or coffee does to you.

Q4. What Is The Difference Between Whey And Isolate?

Ans: Whey protein powder is basically unfiltered protein powder.
On the other hand, isolated protein p[wder is filtered extensively to make it 90% pure.

GNC Amp Pure Isolate – The Purest Protein For Your Body

GNC Amp Pure Isolate is one of the best protein powders available on the market. Unlike most other whey protein powders, this provides isolated protein, which is purer and better than whey. 

Its composition alone makes this protein powder more effective in repairing muscles and providing it the required energy for lifting heavier weights during intense workout sessions. 
If you want to know more about other healthy supplements, read our other articles on them in True Health Tips and comment on what you think about them!

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