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How To Get Your Period In One Hour – 100% Home Remedies

How To Get Your Period In One Hour

How to get your period in one hour? If this is something that you have been googling for, then you have reached the right place for the answer.

Many women who experience irregular periods. This can be a cause of worry if you have a place to attend in a few days and do not want your period to interfere with your event. That is when you might want to get your period earlier than it normally should.

If you want to get your period in an hour or overnight, you have come to the best place for suggestions. Keep reading this article till the end to learn more…

Home Remedies 101: How To Get Your Period In One Hour At Home?

Home remedies come to the rescue most of the time when you want to get things done, to your body or by your body. And that is also the case when you want to get your period in a day.

If you want to know how to make your period come faster, then you have reached the right place. Here are some of the home remedies regarding how to get periods immediately if delayed:

1. Papaya


One of the most important foods that you can have if you want to induce periods is papaya. This tropical fruit is a go-to item for preponing periods. According to reports, there are certain enzymes in papaya that stimulate the hormones and make the uterus contract. This results in an early period.

How To Use:

If you want to use papaya to get your periods, you can do that by:

  • Consuming raw or ripe papaya.
  • Drinking the juice of papaya.

2. Parsley


Next in the line is parsley, one of the most used herbs in the world. This herb has been used through centuries for preponing the menstruation cycle. This green leaf helps to contract the uterus and starts the walls to shed. One of the main reasons for this to happen is because of the two substances that are found in Parsley— Myristicin and Apiol. This stimulates the levels and the production of estrogen, causing an early period.

How To Use:

If you want to use parsley to induce an early period, here are a few ways of doing that:

  • Boiling parsley in water and drinking the water as parsley tea.
  • Consuming dry parsley leaves of 6 grams.

3. Cumin


Another easily available item at home is cumin. This is a great way of getting your period early. This is because these seeds also contain the substances Myristicin and Apiol. They cause the uterine wall to contract and thereby cause periods. However, if there is one thing that you must keep in mind, then it is the fact that a very high level of cumin in your body may cause liver toxicity.

How To Use:

If you want to use cumins for preponing your periods, then you need to do the following things:

  • Boil cumin seeds with carom seeds and jaggery in a glass of water to make cumin tea and drink it.
  • Soak two tablespoons of cumin seeds in a glass of water overnight and drink it the next day.

4. Ginger


One of the most powerful items that you have in your house for treating oligomenorrhea is ginger. The elements or the substances that are there in ginger help stimulate the menstrual flow in a woman. Apart from treating several diseases like colds and coughs, ginger is also recommended for increasing the heat around the uterus, which results in a period.

How To Use:

If you want to use ginger for the early period, you can do the following things:

  • Chew a little bit of ginger from time to time.
  • Drink fresh ginger juice.
  • Make ginger and parsley tea and drink it.

5. Fennel Seeds

Fennel Seeds

One of the most flavorful elements in the list of these items that helps you to get an early period is fennel seeds. It is a very popular consumer that helps to regulate the hormonal balance of the body. Rich in Vitamin C, Fennel can help to make the uterine wall shed which causes period naturally.

How To Use:

Want to try out fennel seeds to get your period early? Here are the steps that you need to follow:

  • Boil two teaspoons of fennel seeds and drink them in the form of fennel tea.
  • Soak fennel seeds overnight in a glass of water and drink the water the next morning.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

Now that you have almost reached the end of this article, I hope that most of your queries have been answered. However, here are some of the questions that readers frequently ask about delayed periods and getting periods in an hour. You might want to go through them for some added information.

1. Is a delayed period a sign of pregnancy?

Ans – While a lot of people think that a delayed period is only a sign of pregnancy, that is not the only thing that can be the reason behind your period being late. Even though a delay in your menstrual cycle can be the result of pregnancy, it can also be a sign of other critical diseases like cancer or polycystic ovarian disorder.

2. What Is The Meaning of Oligomenorrhea?

Ans – If you are someone who has irregular periods, you might be having oligomenorrhea. It is a medical term that is used to mean irregular periods. This condition is very common in women these days.

3. Can You Induce A Period After Having A Menstrual Period?

Ans – There are many ways in which you can induce a period if you want to. And it is totally possible even if you just completed your menstrual cycle. You can do that by taking pills or by following some of the home remedies.

Wrapping It Up!

A lot of women struggle to get their periods on time. There are times when they do not get their periods for as long as two months. If you are someone who is facing trouble getting their period, then there are a number of home remedies that you can try out.

In case you were searching for some information regarding how to get your period in one hour, I hope that all your doubts were cleared and all your questions were answered in this article. However, if you have any other confusion related to the same, feel free to write them down in the comment box.


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