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How To Lose Face Fat: 10 Natural Ways To Slim Chubby Cheeks

How To Lose Face Fat

One of the common things that people are obsessed with is losing weight. Also, the need to lose weight is legitimate as it helps you stay safe and look good. However, it is a very tough task to complete as it needs a lot of work and patience, let alone reducing the fat of a specific part of the body. 

You will find many people with the same question, “how to lose face fat” If you are reading this article, it means you also want to take a look at the natural ways to lose face fat. We will help you to get the best and effective natural ways to reduce face fat. Go through them to choose the best one based on available resources, time, and others.

What Causes The Appearance Of Face Fat?

The distribution of fat in the face is influenced by a combination of genetic, hormonal, and lifestyle factors. The science behind face fat involves several key elements:

1. Genetics:

Genetic factors play a significant role in determining how fat is distributed throughout the body, including the face. Individuals may have a predisposition to store fat in certain areas, contributing to variations in facial fat distribution.

2. Hormonal Changes:

Hormones, particularly cortisol and insulin, can impact fat storage. Elevated cortisol levels, often associated with chronic stress, may lead to increased fat deposition in the face. Insulin resistance, linked to conditions like obesity and diabetes, can also influence facial fat accumulation.

3. Age-Related Changes:

As individuals age, changes in collagen and elastin levels can affect skin elasticity. This can contribute to the appearance of sagging or drooping in the face, making fat deposits more noticeable.

4. Weight Gain and Loss:

Fluctuations in body weight can influence facial fat. Weight gain may lead to increased fat deposition in the face, while weight loss can result in a reduction of facial volume.

5. Lifestyle Factors:

Diet and physical activity levels impact overall body composition, including the face. Poor dietary choices and a sedentary lifestyle may contribute to excess fat in the face.

6. Water Retention:

Sodium intake and hydration levels can influence water retention, affecting facial puffiness. Diets high in sodium and dehydration may exacerbate the appearance of facial bloating.

Understanding the science behind face fat underscores the complexity of its regulation. If concerns about facial fat persist, consulting with a healthcare professional or a registered dietitian can provide personalized guidance based on individual health needs and goals.

Top 10 Natural Ways To Lose Face Fat 

Do you want to find out the best and natural ways to lose face fat? Here are some of the effective ones given below that we have handpicked to help you lose face fat very fast. Make sure to go through them to learn more. 

1. Try Cardio 

Try Cardio 

One of the common natural and very effective ways that you can try to lose face fat is by trying cardio. Cardio is an excellent option to lose total fat and make your face look slimmer. It is a type of physical activity that helps to increase the heart rate. There are plenty of studies available that direct you in the same direction: it helps burn fat. 

If you are wondering how to lose face fat, consider this as one of the best options. Around 20 to 40 minutes of cardio every day is more than enough to lose face fat. Common practices of cardio include swimming, dancing, running, biking, and walking.   

2. Facial Exercises 

Facial Exercises 

Facial exercises are also proved to be a very good way of losing face fats. Apart from losing face fat, it also helps combat aging, increasing muscle strength and facial appearance. Also, adding facial exercises to your daily routine can help tone the muscles and make your face look slimmer. Here are some of the most common exercises that you can try to add to your list. 

  • Pucker your lips to alternative sides 
  • Puffing the cheeks 
  • Holding a smile while cleaning the tooth 

Among these, you can choose how to lose face fat exercise based on your requirements. 

3. Reduce Alcohol Consumption 

While it might not be helpful to many people, if you are someone who drinks a lot of alcohol, limiting it can help you a lot to reduce cheek fat. You might not be able to get the best result from it if you are looking for how to lose face fat fast in a week. But it is very effective in the long term and helps to reduce fat due to the fact that it contains high calories. On the other hand, too much alcohol consumption can contribute a lot to bloating and accumulation.

4. Drink A Lot Of Water 

Drink A Lot Of Water

 The easiest way to lose your face fat is increased water consumption. Not only for losing fat, but it also helps to keep improving the overall health. Having a lot of water will help you to feel full and reduce weight by limiting food intake. If you are looking for an easy way of how to lose face fat, this is the perfect choice for you among all the other ones that are listed above. 

5. Increase The Fiber Intake 

Increase The Fiber Intake

If you do not have the time to exercise, how to lose face fat becomes a very alarming issue. But there are other ways available that do not contain exercises to reduce face fat. One of them is increasing fiber intake. 

To do that, you have to first know which are the foods and fruits that contain fiber. Mostly, fiber is available in very high quantities in plant-based foods that pass slowly through the digestive tract. It makes you feel fuller for a long time and decreases the cravings for food. 

6. Don’t Skip Sleep Time. 

Skipping the sleep hour is not very good for your health. Sleep is very important and linked to your weight. If you are not having enough sleep, the chances are very high that you are gaining weight. Sleep deprivation can also increase the cortisol level that is also a stress hormone. 

High cortisol has different side effects, and one of them is increasing weight. So, you need to be very alert about having enough sleep. Not only sleeping time, but you have to also monitor the quality of your sleep. This is how to lose face fat if you are looking for a natural way. 

7. Cut Out Refined Curb 

When it comes to a natural way of how to lose face and neck fat, you have to include cutting refined carbs like sugar, pasta, cookies, white rice, crackers, bread, chips, sugary drinks, and others. The nutritional value is very minimal in these foods, but they provide high blood-sugar spikes

These spikes trigger the body to have cravings and store fat. Instead of these products, you can choose those that come with high fiber, such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, lean meats, and others. 

8. Keep An Eye On The Sodium Intake 

Another thing that you will need to monitor is sodium intake. When you get excess sodium in your body, you start to get bloating, which contributes to swelling and facial puffiness. On the other hand, sodium helps the body to hold extra water that causes fluid retention. This is one of the best ways of how to lose face fat

There are many studies available that indicate that a higher intake of sodium not only increases body fat but also contributes to many other diseases. So, make sure to note and count how much sodium you are taking through snacks, foods, and meals. 

9. Chew Gum Quite Often 

You will hear the question of how to lose face fat teenager and mid-ages most often. If exercises and other ways are not for you, take the help of this simple idea. Yes, chewing gum for a long time can help the muscles to stretch a lot. You will be able to reduce face fat by chewing the gum quite often. It is just like an exercise that helps to lose face fat without doing any hard work. If you chew three times in a day and 20 minutes per session, you will be able to lose a lot of face fat. 

10. Blow Balloons 

When your target is how to lose face fat, you can take the help of balloons. Blowing balloons help your face to use the muscles to their maximum capacity. However, it might seem that blowing a balloon is useless without any reason. But it is very effective and provides results in a couple of weeks. You will be able to see the difference if you do this continuously. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q1. What Caused Face Fat? 

One of the main reasons for gaining fat is weight gain. There are plenty of reasons available for a poor diet, such as aging, poor diet, genetic conditions, aging, and others. Some of the most common places where the fat is visible are jowls, cheeks, neck, and under the cheeks. People who have less pronounced and rounded facial features tend to have noticeable facial fat. 

Q2. Can You Lose Weight In Your Face? 

Yes, plenty of different ways are available for how to lose face fat. However, even losing as low as 3-5 pounds of total fat can cause a lot of changes in your face. With new exercises, you burn a lot of fat, which is clearly visible on your face. 

Q3. How Can I Lose Face Fat in A Week?

If you are wondering how to lose face fat in a week, there are plenty of ways available. Here are some of the most common ones given below. You can take a look at the list to find the best one among them. 

Get a lot of sleep
Perform daily facial exercises  
Cosmetic surgery 
Frequently hydrate yourself 
Perform a balanced diet
Reduce alcohol consumption 
Limit the consumption of salt 

Q4. Does Smiling Help Lose Face Fat? 

Yes, Smiling is one of the best exercises that can help you lose a lot of face fat. So try to smile as much as possible to stretch the facial muscles as much as possible. It also helps to lose the extra fat from your cheeks.  

Q5. Can Facial Exercises Reduce Face Fat? 

While facial exercises may help improve muscle tone and promote skin elasticity, they are not a guaranteed method for spot reduction of face fat. The distribution of fat in the face is influenced by genetic and lifestyle factors, and overall body fat reduction through a healthy diet and regular exercise is more effective in addressing facial fat concerns.

Q6.  Are There Medical Procedures To Target Face Fat Specifically?

Various medical procedures can address facial fat concerns. Liposuction is a surgical option that can remove excess fat, but it involves inherent risks and is typically not recommended for the face due to potential complications. Nonsurgical options like Kybella involve injections to break down and absorb fat cells. However, these procedures should be performed by qualified professionals, and individuals should carefully consider the potential risks and benefits before opting for any cosmetic intervention. Consulting with a healthcare professional or a boardcertified cosmetic surgeon can provide personalized advice based on individual needs and goals.


Losing fat is a very challenging task, and it takes more than hard work. You have to be consistent to lose fat effectively. When it comes to losing fat in a specific place, many people do not have any idea. If you are looking for answers on how to lose face fat, you can get a lot of available ways to do that. 

However, all of them are not that effective and popular. We have picked some of the best ones to help you and choose the best ones. Make sure to go through all of the ways and choose the best ones based on your requirements. If you like this article, share it with others and comment below your thoughts.

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