Is Becoming A Doctor Worth It? | Types, Salary, Qualifications, And More!

A Doctor

Is becoming a doctor worth it? If this is something that you have on your mind, then this is the best place that can solve your answers!

Becoming a doctor is a dream job for many people. However, a lot of people try to search for the answer to whether or not becoming a doctor is worth the effort or not. And most importantly, what is the salary? Are all the hard work that people put in to become a doctor worth the money that they make?

If you want to become a doctor and want to know the answer to this most asked question, it is best that you keep reading this article till the end…

Is Becoming A Doctor Worth It?

A Doctor

The first thing that most people think about when they try to set their minds for a particular career is whether or not that career path is worth it! And trust me when I say this, being a doctor can’t be a decision that is made simply out of a whim. When you start this career path, you have to have a strong heart and mind.

Being a doctor comes with a lot of perks. But at the same time, they also come with a lot of responsibilities. They are entrusted with the lives of thousands. No wonder that in some countries, doctors are considered to be a version of the gods!

But it is not a very easy journey.

In order to become a doctor, you need to complete a span of four years in medical school. After that, you again need to spend another three years for postgraduate training. The journey does not end there. After you become a doctor, you will have to continue with your research in order to stay updated with the medical procedures.

But, as all doctors have said, becoming a doctor is worth it! Not only do doctors get to meet new people everyday, they also get to learn about the stories of their patients. They get to learn about life like no one else.

Doctor Types: There Are Many!


So, you want to become a doctor? Very well, then! So what kind of doctor do you want to be?

There are a huge number of types of doctors in the world. And no, I am not talking about just surgeons and physicians. There are more types than just those. They all have different tasks and, of course, different salaries.

Here are some of the common types of doctors that you need to take a look at

AnesthesiologistsThese doctors are the ones who help us numb the pain during surgery.
CardiologistsThey specialize in treating problems of the heart.
DermatologistsThese doctors treat issues related to the skin, nails, and hair.
DentistThey are doctors that specialize in dental care.
EndocrinologistsThese doctors take care of their health and treat diseases related to hormones.
Family PhysiciansThey are the family doctors that you go to with minor issues related to health.
GastroenterologistsThey are the specialists that deal with diseases related to the digestive organs of the body.
GynecologistOften termed OB/GYN (along with Obstetricians), deal with women’s care.
HematologistsThey are doctors who specialize in treating diseases related to the blood.
Palliative Medicine SpecialistsThey are experts in managing pain and usually work with people who are closer to death to provide them with special care.
Infectious Disease SpecialistsAs the name suggests, these doctors treat diseases or infections that are infectious or contagious, like AIDS, tuberculosis, and more.
InternistsThey are the primary-care doctors who treat complex diseases of adults.
GeneticistsThese doctors specialize in treating diseases stemming from hereditary causes.
NephrologistsRelated to the word nephrons that occur in the kidneys, they treat people with diseases of the kidney.
NeurologistsThey specialize in treating diseases of the nervous system.
ObstetriciansLike Gynecologists, these doctors also treat and take care of women’s health.
OncologistsThey are cancer specialists who treat patients with cancer.
OphthalmologistsThey are eye doctors who prescribe lenses or glasses after checking your eyes. They are also responsible for diagnosing and treating cataract and glaucoma.
PathologistsThey specialize in lab testing and testing the root of the diseases through body fluids.
PediatriciansBest known for being the doctors for children. They care for children from infancy to teens.
PhysiatristsThese doctors are responsible for treating back pain, neck pain, and other physical issues.
Plastic SurgeonsAlso known as cosmetic surgeons, help to rebuild the skin and almost all parts of the body.
PsychiatristsThese doctors are known to work with people who have mental disorders like de[ression, anxiety, schizophrenia, etc.
RadiologistsThey are doctors who use ultrasounds and other imaging tests in order to diagnose the disease.
RheumatologistsThey specialize in treating people with arthritis.
General SurgeonsThey can operate on all body parts. They are needed to take out appendicitis and tumors and also repair hernia.
UrologistsThey are responsible for treating people with problems in the urinary tract.

Salary: How Much Do Doctors Earn?

Doctors Earn

While it is true that the role of a medical examiner is one that is most respectable, there is certainly no doubt in the fact that they are also one of the highest paid in the society. There are a number of different types of doctors, and there are a lot of variations in the salary.

The specialists, in general, get paid more than all other doctors. However, according to studies, they are also one of those who spend the longest time earning their degree.

The average annual income in the United States of America, for example, of an MD is nearly $200 thousand. This goes on to show how much there is in terms of opportunities.

Qualifications: What Should You Have?

Doctors Qualifications?

Now that you know what are the different types of doctors and what can be the average salary of a doctor, you must have found the answer to “is becoming a doctor worth it?”

If you want to become a doctor, here are the qualifications that you need to have. Take a look at them:

  • Have a bachelor’s degree
  • Start medical school
  • Have postgraduate medical training
  • Get your residency course done
  • Get the certificate
  • Start practicing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Now that you are almost done with this blog, I hope that most of your queries and doubts have been cleared. Let’s see what is often asked by new medical students. that are mostly asked by people who want to become doctors or who search for “is becoming a doctor worth it.” Take a look at these:

1. What is the highest paid doctor role?

➥ The highest paid doctor is a Surgeon or a surgical specialist among all medical care positions.

2. Which country has the highest number of doctors?

➥ The country that has the highest number of doctors is Russia. Spain and India follow the list after Russia.

3. What is residency when it comes to being a doctor?

➥ A residency is more like a post-graduate course where doctors practice their job or medicines under the supervision of a senior and established doctor.

Bottom Line: Becoming A Doctor Is Worth It!

Becoming a doctor is not the easiest thing to do. It takes a lot of time and effort to become a doctor who is able to help and treat patients. But the job of a doctor is worth it. This is not only because they get a high salary, but it is also because of the opportunity that they get to meet a lot of new people every day.
In case you wanted to know, “is becoming a doctor worth it,” I hope that this article has been of help to you. If there are more questions related to being a doctor, please ask me by writing in the comment box below.

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