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Is Monkeypox Spreading Through The Skin-to-skin Contractions? What Type Of Activities Must You Avoid?

Monkeypox Spreading

According to the health ministry of India, the monkeypox-affected numbers are reaching up to nine by Wednesday night. Even four of nine people do not have any recent foreign traveling history.

More than 75 countries are reporting the outbreak of monkeypox. So there is no doubt this can be another catastrophic health situation like the covid19.

So precaution is necessary. Let’s look at some of the cautious steps to protect yourself from monkeypox.

  • The primary research shows that Monkeypox spreads through skin-to-skin contractions.
  • The monkeypox virus can spread through rash and scabs, even due to prolonged face-to-face contact.
  • Many people have queries like, is monkeypox a sexually transmitted disease? No this is not like HIV or any sexually transmitted disease. But due to skin touchings and contacts. 
  • Sexual activities like hugging, kissing, and genital area touching are increasing the chances of contractions.
  • Any type of body fluids touching increases the risk of the virus.
  • Every type of object that comes with the affected person’s contact should be disinfected properly, like bedding, towels, and clothing.
  • The affected person with monkeypox can spread the virus until the rash is fully healed and a fresh layer of skin is formed.
  • Are Respiratory secretions spreading the monkeypox virus? According to the primary CDS data, contact with the affected person’s respiratory secretions can increase the chances of the disease.

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