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Everything You Need To Know About Kangaroo Mother Care.

Kangaroo Mother Care.
Kangaroo Mother Care.

The cozy feeling of being in your mother’s embrace is one that nothing can beat. It gives a sense of comfort, security, and warmth. Unforgettable experience (reminder for you to go hug your mom!) Kangaroo mother care is a concept based on the same feeling. 

This method of caring for a newborn- specifically, preterm infants draws inspiration from Kangaroos (you figured that out yourself). How these marsupials carry their offspring in a ‘pouch’ keeps them warm and promotes breastfeeding. 

This form of care is usually carried out by mothers, promoting skin-to-skin contact. There are several advantages of doing this, which this article will discuss shortly. Before that, where did this come from? Was it just adopted because a joey looks cute with its mother? 

No, there has been extensive evidence to conclude that kangaroo mother care is essential for newborns, especially those with complications. The complications may include low weight at birth, preterm delivery of the baby or the baby being in the NICU. 

What Is Kangaroo Mother Care?

What Is Kangaroo Mother Care_

Kangaroo mother care places the newborn baby in skin-to-skin positions soon after birth. This contact is beneficial for infants as they can bond with their mothers. The research explores kangaroo care as a practice that helps babies with low birth weight or who were born early. 

A caregiver can also practice this if the mother or the birthing parent cannot do so. 

Whether your baby is healthy or born full-term, they can benefit from kangaroo mother care. This also includes exclusive breastfeeding in addition to the contact. However, some kangaroo mothers do not follow exclusive breastfeeding. 

Who Is It For?

The care is for all newborns. However, the care method was specifically exclusively for babies born preterm with low weight during birth. These babies are known as high risk infants. 

The method of care is for babies in the neonatal intensive care unit to reduce the chances of mortality. 

Why Is It Done? 

The method is specifically for infants as a basic need for survival. Such as mother’s breast milk, protection, love, stimulation, and warmth. 

This form of care also helps prevent the risks associated with preterm birth and low weight. One of the most crucial life-saving methods is that it enhances the prospects of survival and wellbeing of the preterm baby. 

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How To Do It?

The care team of your baby will help you initiate the care. The nurse helps demonstrate how to get started on the kangaroo care, sharing guidance on the length and technique of the hold. The method of carrying out Kangaroo mother care is simple. It involves the following steps: 

  1. Wear Comfortable Clothes
Wear Comfortable Clothes

The best way to participate in kangaroo care is through wearing comfortable clothes that help you relax. This method aims to encourage bonding between the mother and the child. When both of them are at ease, bonding is enabled. Usually, the hospital provides gowns for the mothers, which are easy for breastfeeding mothers. If you prefer wearing something of your own, choose clothes that can open in the front as the baby will need contact with your bare chest. 

  1. Place Baby On Your Chest

The baby should be placed in an upright position so that their head is resting on one side of your chest. The baby wears only a diaper, hat, and socks, which keeps them warm. 

  1. Cover Your Baby
Cover Your Baby

Covering the baby’s back is vital once the baby settles and there is comfort between the two. Mothers can do this by wrapping a blanket over their backs. This lets them enjoy the warmth and comfort of snuggling against the mother’s chest. In addition, the health care provider may suggest using a wrap to secure the baby against the chest. 

  1. Relax Together

The next step in caring for your baby is relaxing together and improving the bonding with them. The primary motive of this care method is to promote relaxation. Thus, kangaroo mothers should not play with their babies during this time. 

  1. Carry Out Multiple Sessions

There can be different lengths to the kangaroo care session, which promotes the bonding between the mother and the baby. Thus, this should be more than once a week and one to two hours long. This can be done by your medical team, who will share an appropriate time. 

The kangaroo mother care can help comfort the baby and provide a safe environment around them. The contact is necessary within short hours of birth, and the mother must give it for as long as possible. 

The World Health Organization recommends providing this care for 8 to 24 hours every day, especially for high-risk infants. 

The Benefits Of Kangaroo Mother Care

The Benefits Of Kangaroo Mother Care

Recommendations for babies are thoroughly researched and only then recommended. The process is scientifically effective in reducing the risk of severe illness, such as nosocomial infections. 

Following is a list of benefits offered by this method: 

  • Promotes bonding between mother and offspring
  • Stabilizes the heart rate of the baby 
  • Improves their breathing pattern and regulates it
  • Supports healthy and complete sleep 
  • Relieves pain and provides comfort
  • Lowers the risk of infections
  • Reduces the risk of maternal-infant attachment
  • Decreases the length of stay in the hospital

These were the various kangaroo care benefits that were found through research as well as physical evidence. Apart from these, the kangaroo hold is also known to promote the growth of infants. The risk of hypothermia is high in infants born in nations where resources are limited to support proper development and growth. 

The method allows new mothers to become more confident in their ability to care for their babies’ needs. 

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What Not To Do During The Process

Just as there are hacks to ensure the method is carried out successfully, there are also things that new mothers must keep in mind. 

The bonding process between the mother and baby is necessary for the latter’s development and growth. The following are things that must be kept in mind while providing kangaroo care:

  • The electronic devices must be put away during kangaroo care so that there are no distractions. This ensures that the bonding between the baby and the mother is improved. 
  • Do not provide kangaroo care if you have a skin condition that makes your child vulnerable. 
  • The kangaroo mother must avoid perfume or lotion to prevent allergic reactions to their components. 
  • Do not smoke before or during kangaroo care. Passive smoking can severely affect the baby’s health. 
  • Do not provide kangaroo care if you are sick or feeling sickness symptoms. 

The stability, care, and comfort provided to the child ensure they grow up to be healthy individuals. It is vital to protect the baby from germs through the best guidance from the medical team. This can be done by remaining constantly in touch with the medical team of your baby. 


This was all on the concept of kangaroo care and the several aspects of this method. The importance of bonding between mother and infant allows the latter to adjust to the new world. This is especially needed when the baby is born preterm and needs extra support from the mother. 

The care provided during this time is valuable as it helps them grow. As a new mother, being scared and confused about the various aspects of baby care is customary. However, you are encouraged to contact the professionals in charge of your care for guidance. 

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