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Marburg Virus Spreads To Ghana, First Case Confirmed By Who

Marburg Virus

Two cases of the deadly Marburg virus were confirmed in Ghana, Africa. WHO has declared this disease to be as severe and deadly as the Ebola virus.

Key Points:

  • Two patients suffering from the Marburg virus have been confirmed in Ghana.
  • WHO has alerted the nation to be prepared for an epidemic similar to the spread of Ebola. 
  • Some of the primary symptoms include severe fever, headache, and internal and external bleeding.

Ghana confirms that the new Marburg virus has reared its head in the country, where two patients were confirmed positive. Similar to the outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus a few years back, a Marburg outbreak has also been confirmed by WHO to be spreading fast in Africa. 

The health departments of Ghana confirmed that both cases came from the Ashanti region of Ghana. Both the patients died within days of being infected. The government has issued a state of strict control over things, fearing that the worst is yet to come. 

The Marburg disease is super infectious and can spread very fast from one person to another. WHO has stated that the main causes of infection are unprotected intercourse with infected people and cuts and bruises on the skin through which the virus can be entered upon contact with an infected person. 

The Marburg viral infection has been confirmed to be as deadly as the Ebola viral infection. Both have similar symptoms, like intense fever, headaches, and nausea at first. As the days go by, the infected person will soon start experiencing severe muscle pain and both internal and external bleeding. 

So far, there is no cure for the disease. It can only be prevented if people are cautious enough. After being infected, only proper medical care and support can help control the symptoms and help the person recover.

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