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Mastic Gum – How Does It Work? | Must Read

Mastic gum

Are you thinking about opting for mastic gum? 

It is actually really appreciated that you are searching about this substance before using it. You might have heard about its health benefits from your friends or relatives. But before you are taking anything it is always good to get as much information as you can. 

And, here in this article, we will provide you with all the necessary pieces of information about mastic chewing gum. 

What Is Mastic Gum?

What Is Mastic Gum

Mastic gum is a unique natural resin that comes from a tree grown in the Mediterranean. For centuries, it has been used to control diabetes, maintain oral health, and improve digestion. It contains antioxidants to support therapeutic properties.

You can use this gum as per your needs. It can be used as chewed gum or capsules, tinctures, and powders. You can also apply essential oil from Mastic rein to treat certain skin conditions. 

However, it has a low risk of side effects. Although, it will be better to ask your doctor before using any kind of natural supplements. 

In this article, I am going to discuss the benefits and possible side effects. Plus. I will mention where you can get them. So, let’s dive into it before wasting time. 

Mastic Gum Benefits

Mastic Gum Benefits
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No study proved that It can cure any health condition. That said, it may help with health issues such as colon cancer, allergies, and prostate cancer. Let’s see how it works and its benefits. 

1. Does It Relieve Digestive Issues?

Does It Relieve Digestive Issues

When someone spells the word ‘mastic gum’, it reminds us that it helps to get relief from digestive issues, is it true? 

An article, published in 2005 reports that it can be helped to reduce abdominal discomfort, inflammation, and pain. Researchers present that having anti-inflammatory components and antioxidants in mastic gum affect positively on the digestion process. 

However, further research needs to go into the deep to explore the exact mechanism by which mastic chewing gum works. 

2. Mastic Gum H Pylori: It May Help Clear H. Pylori Bacteria

Mastic Gum H Pylori It May Help Clear H. Pylori Bacteria
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A small research conducted in 2010 found that mastic gum may kill the bacteria, called Helicobacter pylori. This research was conducted with 52 candidates and 19 candidates successfully cleared the infection due to Helicobacter pylori bacteria after chewing them for two weeks. 

Helicobacter pylori bacteria is the cause of peptic ulcers. 

Some of the candidates taking antibiotics in addition to chewing them to show the highest rate of success. 

Helicobacter pylori is a gut bacteria related to ulcers. It has become antibiotic-resistant, but mastic gum is still effective in this matter. 

How To Use: You can chew pure mastic gum(350 mg) 3 times every day until the infection has cleared. 

3. Mastic Chewing Gum Help Treat Ulcers

Mastic Chewing Gum Help Treat Ulcers

The older researcher presents that it has antibacterial properties that can fight sex ulcer-causing bacteria. It may be due to cytoprotective, mild anti secretary properties, and antibacterial. 

The researchers found that as low as 1 mg per day of this gum decreased bacterial growth. Although, newer research is needed to focus on it further research to expose all the possibilities of them. 

How To Use: Follow as the manufacturer mentions the direction on the label of the product. 

4. It may Help Ease Symptoms Of IBD

It may Help Ease Symptoms Of IBD

IBD is the acronym for Inflammatory Bowel Disease. In the year 2015, research papers show that it helps the symptoms of IBD. Those who consumed mastic gum for four weeks experienced a low severity of their inflammatory symptoms. 

In this case, larger studies also need to find the exact mechanism by which mastic gum works.  However, still you can take it to lower your inflammatory symptoms. 

How To Use: Take 2.2 grams of powder form of mastic divided into 6 doses throughout the day. Take the same dose for four weeks. 

5. Mastic Gum Decrease The Cholesterol Level

Mastic Gum Decrease The Cholesterol Level

A recent study (2016) found that mastic gum can have a positive effect to lower cholesterol levels.  Research who took the test with numbers of people who took mastic gum for eight weeks. 

As a result, those who took this gum decreased their cholesterol levels more than those who took a placebo. 

How To Use: You need to take 330 mg of mastic gum 3 times every day and maintain it for up to 8 weeks. Don’t break the consistency. 

6. It Helps Promote Overall Liver Health

It Helps Promote Overall Liver Health

In a 2007 study, mastic gum may help to improve liver health. In this case, people need to take mastic gum for a long time. Liver enzymes are the cause of liver damage. It works to protect the liver. 

Although, research is ongoing to explore more about the hepatoprotective and its effect on it. One more research established that mastic gum is effective to protect the liver while used as an anti-inflammatory in mice 

How To Use: Take 5 g of powder form of mastic gum per day. You can divide this amount into three doses to consume throughout the day. 

7. Mastic Gum Prevent Cavities

Mastic Gum Prevent Cavities

Mastic gum has three types. The Drescher shows that mastic gum reduced the level of lactobacilli levels. It is worth it to prevent cavities because it has the pH of salvia. 

Probiotic mastic gum is not recommended to prevent cavities. However, it requires further studies. 

How To Use: After meals chew mastic gum three times every day. 

8. It Can Treat symptoms Of Allergic Asthma

t CanIt Can Treat symptoms Of Allergic Asthma Treat symptoms Of Allergic Asthma

As I said previously that mastic gum has anti-inflammatory gum significantly. Therefore, it can be used to treat allergies. Mastic gum effectively inhibited the production of inflammatory substances and reduced the airway’s hyperresponsiveness. 

However, suggesting matic gum to cure asthma needs more research. 

How To Use:  Take 250 mg capsules form of mastic gum 4 times per day. 

9. Mastic Gum prevent Prostate Cancer

Mastic Gum prevent Prostate Cancer

According to a 2006 laboratory study, mastic gum can inhibit an androgen receptor which is the cause of the development of prostate cancer

The research shows that it can weaken the function and expression of the androgen receptor in prostate cancer cells. 

How To Use: Take 250 mg capsules form of mastic gum 4 times per day

10. Mastic Gum Prevent Colon Cancer

Mastic Gum Prevent Colon Cancer
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2017, the research presents that mastic essential oil may suppress tumors that can lead to colon cancer. Yet, it is not sure of the expression of mastic gum to suppress colon cancer. 

Therefore, Further study is needed to deeply research these things. 

How To Use: Take daily mastic gum supplement. You can follow the dosage instruction as mentioned at the label of the supplement. 

Mastic Gum Side Effects

Mastic Gum Side Effects
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Generally, mastic gum has no side effects. It may be the cause of dizziness, headache, and upset stomach. Supplements need to be taken properly. Therefore, always follow the instructions of the product. 

However, allergic reactions may be possible to show. Especially people who have an allergy to the flowering plant, face some issues. 

Pregnant women shouldn’t take them. 

Where To Buy Mastic Gum?

Where To Buy Mastic Gum

If you wish to buy, you can visit e-commerce and type the word ‘mastic gum’. You’ll see, there are plenty of options to buy them. Select one of them. 

Every eCommerce site fixes a different price tag. Select which is pocket friendly and fulfills your requirement. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

You have reached the end of this article. Now, let’s move on to the next level to go through the most frequent questions that people have asked about mastic gum. 

Q1. What Is Mastic Gum Taken For?

Ans: Mastic gum takes for a variety of reasons. It can develop the digestion process and prevent stomach pain, heartburn, and prostate cancer, Plus, you can take it to decrease upper abdominal pain.

Q2. How Much Does Mastic Gum Cost?

Ans: Mastic gum cost:
⦿ Elma Mastic Chewing Gum – Sugar-Free – 10 pc pack—-$3.25
⦿ Elma Mastic Chewing Gum – Sugar-Free – Spearmint – 10 pc pack—-$3
⦿ Chios Mastic Gum – 10 gr—–$11025
⦿ Spoon Sweet – Mastic – Sarantis – 1 lb jar—-$6.25

Q3.Is Mastic Gum Good For The Liver?

Ans: Yes, it is good for the liver. Research shows that if you take 5gm of mastic gum powder for 18 months it can be healthy for your liver. However, Chios mastic powder has liver protective properties.

Bottom Line

Now, you may understand that people use mastic gum for different reasons.  It keeps the promise as a treatment for oral health and digestive conditions. 

If you think to take them, make sure you follow the instructions that are mentioned on the product label. Although studies have not proved that it can completely cure health issues. 

This is the reason, I would like to recommend my readers to use them after taking suggestions from specialists. 

if you have already used this, please contribute your words in the comment action. Your experience helps my readers and me too.

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