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What Are The Masturbation Side Effects To Look Out For? – What Do Doctors Recommend?

What Are The Masturbation Side Effects To Look Out For? - What Do Doctors Recommend?

Regardless of how society feels about it, both men and women have a completely normal urge to masturbate. It contributes to enjoyment and relaxation, which have the potential to improve mental health, mood, and energy levels, among other things. On the other hand, excessive masturbation side effects deplete energy, and may even lead to a masturbation addiction.

Because there are so many misconceptions regarding masturbation, discussions about it are sometimes frowned upon in our society. But are there genuine health advantages to masturbating for both men and women, despite what some claim? Let’s examine the negative effects of excessive masturbation in this post and determine what you should do next.

What Is Masturbation?

What Is Masturbation?

Did you ever feel sexually aroused, because you saw an attractive man or a woman pass by? It’s a common and natural phenomenon that happens to humans. However, repressing our sexual energies and desires will only make it worse in the long run. This is why we masturbate when we don’t have a partner to have sex with.

Masturbation is a form of self-pleasure where we gently stimulate our erogenous zones and our genitalia. Doing so will make you feel sexually aroused, with heightened ecstatic feelings. When you have reached the height of sexual pleasure, you have an orgasm. This makes you feel relieved, and happy and helps you sleep well.

For men, it consists of gently stroking your penis, until you orgasm and ejaculate. For women, it consists of gently rubbing your vulva and clitoris, along with your nipples as well. If you haven’t tried these out, then what are you waiting for? It is completely healthy to do so and is not a sinful act (contrary to popular belief). However, watch out for the negative masturbation side effects too.

Benefits Of Masturbation

Benefits Of Masturbation

Masturbation is a healthy sexual activity. Your physical and emotional health may both benefit from it. However, research regarding masturbation is pretty limited. Therefore, it’s not yet conclusive as to what are the negative masturbation side effects. 

Various surveys have indicated that married couples felt better sexual satisfaction, especially in the USA. This includes having better orgasms, having an improved sense of self-esteem, and overall improved happiness. When it comes to their sex lives, they reported having an increased sexual desire (but not uncontrollable) after masturbating.

In addition, people who are single and have more romantic and sexual partners benefited a lot. Masturbation keeps their sexual desires in check and makes them happier as they are embracing the art of being single. Plus, no sex means no STIs and performance pressure too!

Some of the most reported and observed benefits of masturbation were:

  • Reduce accumulated tension
  • Improve sleep
  • Uplift the mood
  • Avoid Depression and anxiety
  • Lie back and enjoy yourself
  • Cramp relief
  • Sexual tension release
  • Increased self-esteem
  • Better sexual performance
  • A greater understanding of your needs and demands

Masturbation Side Effects To Look Out For

Masturbation Side Effects To Look Out For

Even though masturbation is a healthy activity for most health-conscious people, excessive masturbation side effects can cause several biological problems. If you have been masturbating daily, then there are some signs of danger to look out for. Here are some of the negative side effects of masturbation:

  • Swollen Genitalia: Excessive masturbation can lead to edema, a condition in which the penis swells up as a result of ongoing discomfort.
  • Skin Irritation: Excessive pulling or pressure can make the skin red and irritated, which might result in rashes. Due to the use of subpar lubricants or filthy hands, the risk of skin infections may also rise as a result.
  • Reduced Penile Sensitivity: This might occur when you hold your penis too firmly. For this reason, excessive masturbation may result in early ejaculation.
  • Daily Life Disruption: Masturbation addiction is one of the most serious side effects of frequent masturbation and can cause problems with social interactions and daily activities like work and school.
  • Low Sperm Count: Excessive masturbation disrupts the synthesis of testosterone, which lowers sperm counts and reduces fertility.
  • Dhat Syndrome: A significant issue for males in India, this syndrome is caused when semen is discharged during urinating. The Dhat syndrome can cause early ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.
  • Wet Dreams: The nightfall problem is when guys have wet dreams and orgasms while they are sleeping. Overstimulation, excessive porn viewing, and masturbation are believed to contribute to this nighttime issue.
  • Lower Self-Esteem: Masturbation is a common way for males to cope with anxiety and sadness. However, excessive masturbation can undermine a person’s confidence and sense of worth.
  • Guilt: Self-pleasure is frequently portrayed as a sin or criminal in cultural and religious beliefs. Therefore, someone who masturbates excessively may experience a strong sensation of guilt or shame.
  • Fatigue: According to Ayurvedic practitioners, excessive semen loss can cause a progressive loss of vitality in the body. The result of excessive masturbation is frequently felt as weakness or exhaustion.
  • Lack Of Concentration: Some men may neglect their academics or jobs in order to engage in further masturbation. This might cause a lack of concentration and end in failure.

Should You Masturbate Daily? – Doctors Recommendation

Should You Masturbate Daily? - Doctors Recommendation

According to most doctors and gynecologists, there is no “required” amount of masturbation that you need to do. It entirely depends on your sex drive, and how many times you are having intercourse. 

It has been reported that men masturbate a lot more in general. Therefore, it’s not uncommon to see men stroking their sticks on a daily basis. However, masturbating 21 times a week is said to curb the potential development of prostate cancer. Women can also masturbate daily, since it can reduce menstrual pain and overall make them feel good.

However, if you notice side effects of chronic masturbation affecting your professional lives and your relationship, then it’s a sign of masturbation addiction. Stop doing it on a daily basis if it hampers your work, social life, and even your sex life.

Masturbation Addiction? How To Stop It?

Masturbation Addiction? How To Stop It?

Both benefits and drawbacks of masturbation exist. However, due to addiction, excessive masturbation has a number of negative side effects. However, it does not cause vitiligo on penis, contrary to popular belief. 

There are no quick fixes for the physical and mental issues that excessive masturbation creates. Instead, consulting a physician is the advised course of action for ending a masturbation addiction.

Online or in-person ayurvedic medical advice is available for this issue. They could advise you to speak with a therapist who specializes in sexual issues. Try semen retention and NoFap if you would like too.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Here are my answers to questions people asked about Masturbation side effects. 

Q1. What Is A Healthy Level Of Masturbation?

Ans. There is no healthy level of masturbation. You can masturbate daily if you wish to. However, doctors recommend masturbating 21 times a month. Just keep in mind that this is not a necessity.

Q2. What Is NoFap?

Ans. NoFap is a modern movement that has started in the last few years. It refers to abstaining from masturbation for a set period of days. Reports claim that it leads to feeling more energetic among men, along with reducing porn addiction.

Q3. Does Masturbation Lowers Sperm Count?

Ans. While masturbation does lower sperm count (you are ejaculating after all), it does not lower sperm count permanently. This is because testicles create millions of sperms every day. 


Masturbation is a safe, healthy, and natural form of self-care. It’s healthy as long as you don’t see any masturbation side effects. 

Your body and mind may both benefit greatly from masturbation. Usually, there are no negative side effects. Feel free to indulge in self-pleasure without any shame or guilt. Discuss any unfavorable emotions you may be experiencing with a therapist or someone you can trust.

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