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Is The Military Diet Effective In Shedding Weight? (Know How It Works With Sample Meal Plans)

Military Diet

A military diet or a 3-day diet is an effective method to lose weight instantly. This diet can help you shed more than 8lb in a week. In this diet, you have to follow a strict meal plan for three days a week, and for the remaining four days, you can have your usual diet (with some restrictions, of course).

You have to continue your diet in this way for at least a month to achieve your desired weight loss result. As a form of intermittent fasting, the military diet encourages the intake of a restrictive diet and boosts metabolism.

Further, this diet plan works to boost your body’s insulin sensitivity. As a result, it helps you keep your blood glucose level in check, and it’s a good diet for diabetes management. Moreover, by allowing you to keep your meal plan relaxed for four days a week, this diet plan makes it easier to lose weight without depriving the foodie in you.

How Does The Miltary Diet Help You In Losing Weight?

How Does The Miltary Diet Help You In Losing Weight?

The military diet works by restricting your calorie intake. As I just mentioned, it will divide your diet plan for the week into two halves. For the three-day restrictive diet period, you will need to follow diet plans for lunch, breakfast, and dinner. However, there will not be any snacking option for you.

During these three days, you will have to include food items that are rich in fiber, boost your satiety level, and have a low-calorie count. Overall, you will be allowed to have around 1100-1400 calories across the three meals in a day. For the remaining four days in a week, you will have a nutrient-rich and balanced diet.

Further, you need to understand that to optimize the benefits of a military diet, you need to be careful about what you eat on those four days, too. So, before you take a plunge into this, you must consult a dietician to set all your meals right.

In addition, following a restrictive diet does not mean that you will need to compromise on your body’s nutritional requirements. So, only an experienced dietician or nutritionist will be able to guide you with the right substitutes for the things you are not allowed to have.

Do you want to know about a sample plan for the military diet? Follow the next section.

Sample Miltary Diet Plan To Lose Weight

Sample Miltary Diet Plan To Lose Weight

The 3-day meal plan in the military diet does not offer you a lot of options. Have a look at the table below to see what the variations for breakfast, lunch, and dinner can be.

Type Of MealVariations
BreakfastAn apple, ½  grapefruit,
½  bananaCarb serving with toast or salt crackers
Peanut butter
Hard-boiled eggs/cheddar cheese
LunchToast or salt crackers
Canned tuna or cheddar cheese  
DinnerBroccoli, carrots and green beans
Lean meat
Vanilla ice cream
Bananas or apples

In beverages, this diet plan will allow you to have water and green tea. However, you need to strictly avoid the use of any sweetener.

Further, starting from day one to day three, the calorie intake will gradually go down. On day 1, you will be allowed to have around 1400 calories, and by day three, the calorie count should come down to 1100 calories.

Once again, along with the restrictive diet for three days a week, you need to take a balanced approach to the meal plan for the remaining four days if you want to stay true to the weight loss journey.

Are There Some Other Food Items Allowed In The Miltary Diet?

Are There Some Other Food Items Allowed In The Miltary Diet?

Yes, many other food items are allowed in the military diet. The table below explains the choices you have in various categories.

Type Of FoodOptions In The Miltary Diet Plan
Green tea
Fresh fruit juices
Tender coconut water
Vegetable juices
Detox drinks
Green beans
Spring onion
Dairy Buttermilk
Low-fat milk
Cooking oilsFlaxseed oil
Rice bran oil
Olive oil
Chicken breast
Kidney beans
Soy tofu
Black-eyed peas
Spices and herbsFennel seeds
Cumin seeds
Coriander leaves and seeds
Fenugreek seeds
Turmeric powder

Is There Any Food That I Need To Avoid When On A Miltary Diet?

Yes, you need to avoid certain food items when you are on a military diet. The food items you cannot have are:

  • Mangoes and jackfruits
  • Butter, mayonnaise, margarine, vegetable oil
  • Full-fat cream and milk
  • Tomato ketchup, barbecue sauce, or other condiments with added salt and sugar
  • Alcohol
  • Packed drinks
  • Carbonated drinks

Does The Miltary Diet Plan Really Work?

Does The Miltary Diet Plan Really Work?

There may not be enough scientific backing for the efficacy of a military diet in losing weight. However, restricting your calorie intake will always help you shed the extra flab and boost your metabolism. Also, with healthy eating habits, you will be able to keep your blood sugar level in control. So, overall, there will be a positive impact on your health.

Further, the military diet plan does not ask you to starve as it divides the meal plan into two halves. So, it is easier to adopt for people who have just begun their fitness journey.

Is Miltary Diet Safe? 

Yes, the military diet is a safe choice for people who are planning to lose weight. Further, the elements included in the meal plans are wholesome and come with a lot of health benefits.

Again, the meal plan is sustainable because of its relaxed nature. You will not face problems in following the diet plans on a long-term basis.

Final Words

A military diet plan is effective and safe if you are trying to lose weight. Further, it’s a balanced diet with nutritious and wholesome food items. So, if you want to lose weight fast but do not want to starve yourself, you must choose this diet plan. It’s time you choose healthy and nutritious food to remain fit and enjoy a whole lot of health benefits.

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