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Can The Monkeypox Vaccine Give You 100% Protection?

Monkeypox Vaccine

According to the WHO technical lead Rosamund Lewis’s statement, 

The vaccine can not give 100% protection.

Still, now 35,000 cases of monkeypox are reported worldwide, and it has already spread up among 92 countries. And 12 deaths have been reported so far. Only people can protect their bodies from the spreading of infections with the proper precautions.

But the WHO director has already shared his concerns. Still, 7,500cases were reported last week. This number is also an increase of 20%. This number is a real indication every one of the earth should be concerned.

WHO chief said that most of the monkeypox cases are reported from Europe and America. But the disease is also spreading among people who are gay. This means the men who are having sex with the other man.

Monkeypox is a vaccine surely going to work as a shield. But for better protection, people have to take precautions like protecting their bodies and touching the other affected patients.

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