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Muscletech Mass Gainer – Best Review By Users In 2022

muscletech mass gainer review

Every guy aspires to have a well-built body. Having extensive and solid biceps and triceps with pumped chests is a sign of strength amongst males. Therefore, many young men who are too skinny want to gain weight faster by using mass gainers while training at the gym.

Therefore, mass gainers have become an essential source of nutrition and muscle for people going to the gym. In addition, mass gainers help them gain weight and muscle mass faster if the gym training is done correctly.

In this article, we will explain the benefits of using MuscleTech Mass Gainer and explain how it helps in increasing your muscle mass.

What Is A Mass Gainer?

What Is A Mass Gainer?

As the name suggests, MuscleTech Mass Gainer is a whey protein powder that helps bodybuilders gain mass faster. Gaining mass faster helps them build big and strong muscles by training at the gym. Mass gainers contain a lot of proteins and calories that help build muscles more quickly. 

MuscleTech 100 Mass Gainer also contains a lot of creatine – the base compound that helps your muscles get swole. However, this only happens if you start lifting heavy weights and doing HIIT exercises that target various muscle groups in your body. 

Why Take MuscleTech Mass Gainer?

Why Take MuscleTech Mass Gainer?

Now that you have decided to use a mass gainer to get your body in shape, you must be confused between all the mass gainers available in the market. So why should you choose MuscleTech Mass gainer for bodybuilding instead of other alternatives? The answer lies in the various benefits of consuming this whey protein powder. 

1. High-Quality Proteins

Each serving of this protein powder provides 6g of L-Leucine and above 13g of BCAA – two protein compounds that promote mass gain and muscle growth. When these get mixed with 2 cups of skim milk, they also provide essential amino acids that increase the rate of protein synthesis in your muscles after a good workout. 

2. More Protein Per Serving Compared To Other Mass Gainers

This whey protein powder provides 80g of protein and 1170 calories each serving when added with two cups of skim milk. This is more than enough calories and proteins to increase mass faster in the muscles of hard gainers. Combined with amino acids, it ensures that your muscles build more strength after your daily workout routine. 

3. Build Strength Faster

There are quite a few amino acids packed in this product. This powder provides 3g of L-Alanine. This acid, along with L-Leucine, is responsible for creating glucose in the body – one of the primary sources of energy and strength. Having a protein shake after hitting the gym will make you feel stronger and more energetic, helping you to lift heavy weights with ease. 

4. Replenish Glycogen Faster

This mass gainer supplies 168g of carbohydrates that boost your insulin and creatine levels to help your body build more strength quickly. This puts your body in an anabolic state after a workout so that you can automatically replenish your power and reform broken-down muscle tissues. 

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5. No Underdosed Ingredients

All the ingredients in this weight gainer, compositions, and quantities are accurately mentioned in the product label. This gets done so that all containers of this mass gainer have the same design. It also ensures no unlabeled or underdosed ingredients in the powder.

Disadvantages Of Using A Mass Gainer

Disadvantages Of Using A Mass Gainer

Even if you decide to use mass gainers, they will have certain drawbacks. This is truthful to the saying, “no pain, no gain.” Therefore, there are some drawbacks of using MuscleTech Mass Gainer like:

1. Ingestion And Bloating

Often, we find new bodybuilders suffering from muscle bloating and ingestion problems. This happens to new bodybuilders because they are not used to consuming many proteins, carbohydrates, and calories every day. This puts pressure on your stomach, leading to problems like ingestion in lactose-intolerant people.

2. Excess Weight Gain

Sometimes, we often forget to do things in moderation to reach our goals. This is why some people gain weight so fast that they become fat instead of developing six-pack abs. According to experts, most people do not know how much of the powder they should intake every day. Sometimes, they overestimate the quantity of the powder to add to milk and take too much. This leads to getting fatter and losing your chance of gaining great biceps. 

3. Decreased Sensitivity To Insulin

MassTech Muscle Gainer is not the best mass gaining supplement for people who suffer from sugar-related problems like diabetes. This is because this powder contains sucralose and a lot of carbohydrates – which raises insulin and glucose levels in your body. This might make a person diabetic.

4. Allergic Reactions

Since this powder is supposed to be mixed with milk for consumption, we do not recommend this product if you are lactose intolerant.

How To Use MuscleTech Mass Gainer?

How To Use MuscleTech Mass Gainer?

To use MuscleTech Mass Gainer for the best effect, follow this method to gain weight effectively after a sweaty workout:

  • Take 2 cups (16oz) of skim milk.
  • Add five scoops of MuscleTech Mass Gainer.
  • Shake well and drink after 2 minutes.

You can consume this once daily after your workout sessions or drink this twice with half the amount of servings (2.5 scoops) before and after working out. 

MuscleTech Mass Gainer Review

MuscleTech Mass Gainer Review

Most users have positively reacted to the MuscleTech 100 Mass Gainer review. This product has a 73% user approval rating on its official website.

Most reviews say that this powder has all the essential nutrients for quickly developing strength and body mass. Since many athletes and people generally do not have the time to eat six big meals a day, having a cup of milk with a serving of this powder works wonders for them. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. What does MuscleTech Mass Gainer Do?

Ans: MuscleTech Mass gainer increases your muscle mass and overall weight quickly and increases your strength.

Q2. Is MuscleTech A Good Weight Gainer?

Ans: MuscleTech is a good mass gainer for skinny hard gainers who have difficulty increasing weight. However, we do not recommend this product to lactose-intolerant people. 

Q3. When Should I Take MuscleTech Mass Gainer?

Ans: You should put five scoops of this mass gainer in two cups of skim milk after every workout session.

Q4. Does Mass Gainer Make You Fat?

Ans: There is a chance that a mass gainer might make you fat if you consume too much of it daily.


MuscleTech Mass Gainer is one of the best mass gainers for athletes and bodybuilders in the market right now. If you want a mass gainer that contains a high amount of healthy proteins, calories, and carbohydrates, you cannot go wrong with MuscleTech Pro Series Mass Gainer. However, we will not recommend this product if you are lactose intolerant and have sugar-related problems like diabetes.

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