Do You Want To Know About The Best Plants That Repel Mosquitoes? (7+ Types For You)

Best Plants That Repel Mosquitoes

We all know that mosquitoes are a great threat to our health. A mosquito bite can make us subject to many diseases like malaria, chikungunya, and dengue. Among the other viruses they carry are Zika and West Nile. We often use chemical insecticides to drive away these harmful insects. However, these chemicals often cause headaches, nausea, and allergic reactions. So, how about getting some plants that repel mosquitoes?

Let’s find out the common plants you can have in the outdoor space to get rid of mosquitoes and other insects.

What Are The Best Plants That Repel Mosquitoes?

Plants that repel mosquitoes have been in use for the longest time. These plants release certain chemicals that keep mosquitoes and other bugs away. Further, some of these repellent plants have beautiful flowers and emit a distinct fragrance. So, having them in your garden will also fill your garden with colors and aromas.

Here, I have curated the names of some plants that you can easily grow in your house garden to avoid mosquito-borne diseases.

1. Lavender


You must be well aware of the use of lavender essential oils and different fragrances in aromatherapy. Well, we all love the aromas of lavender flowers, but mosquitoes cannot stand them. In fact, rabbits and some other animals also prefer to stay away from these plants.

These plants produce lovely flowers from summer to fall, and they love warmer climates. Further, these plants can endure drought and only need well-drained soil for growth. The smell of these flowers ruins mosquitoes’ ability to smell.

So, grow these plants as the borders of your garden and remain protected from mosquito bites and the intrusion of other animals.

2. Lemon Grass

Lemon Grass

You must have seen lemon grass or citronella grass as an important ingredient in mosquito repellent creams and oils. So, it’s time to grow these plants in your garden. The leaves of these plants emit a lemony scent that keeps mosquitoes and other insects away.

These plants do not demand much of your care, and they grow well in warmer climates. However, these plants cannot withstand frost. So, the best idea is to grow them in planters.

3. Marigold


Marigold flowers have a strong aroma that mosquitoes cannot stand. You can grow them in garden beds to have a beautiful landscape in yellow, orange, and rusty red colors. However, if you are getting these flowering plants specifically to drive away insects, you must grow them in planters and pots and keep the pots near the entrance of your house or on the patio.

Marigold flowers are very useful in keeping harmful insects away. Along with mosquitoes, it can also repel the following insects.

  • Thrips
  • Whiteflies
  • Tomato hornworms
  • Squash bugs
  • Mexican bean beetles
  • Aphids

So, even if you have a big vegetable garden in your house, you can plant some marigolds to protect the vegetable plants and their yields.

4. Rosemary


Are you looking for perennial herb plants that repel mosquitoes? You can have rosemary plants in your garden. These herbs are known for their distinct woody smell, and you will find a wide use of these herbs in essential oils and skincare products.

Hot and dry climates are the best for the growth of the perennial herbs. However, they also survive winter if you plant them in containers. Along with repelling mosquitoes, rosemary also keeps harmful insects like carrot flies and cabbage moths away.

As these herb plants stop insects and other intruders from entering your garden and home, you can grow them across the borders of your garden.

5. Basils


Basils are known for their medicinal properties and health benefits. Did you know that basil is one of the most common plants that repel mosquitoes? The strong smell of the leaves and flowers of these plants is great for repelling mosquitoes. Further, you can easily grow these plants in small pots or planters. You can even grow them in garden beds.

Basil plants need damp soil with proper drainage for growth and flowering. These plants also love Sunlight.

6. Bee Balm

Bee Balm

Bee balm plants will fill your house garden with colors, with their flowers blooming in the shades of lavender, white, red, purple, and pink. You will find the plants in full bloom during mid to late summer. Further, these plants are not just about the beautiful flowers. These are some of the most beautiful plants that repel mosquitoes.

You can just collect the leaves and crush them. The fragrance emitted by the crushed bee balm leaves keeps mosquitoes or other harmful insects away. However, the aroma of its leaves attracts bees and other good insects in large numbers.

7. Mint


The fresh fragrance of mint makes us feel rejuvenated. You can use the fresh leaves in many beverages and delicacies. However, these delicate and fragrant leaves are also useful for keeping mosquitoes away.

So, having these plants in your garden will be great to elevate your drinks and remain protected from mosquito-borne diseases. Further, did you know that mints are great for repelling deer and ants?

Plant mint in your garden beds, containers, or pots to enjoy the best benefits of the leaves. You can even grow them in your patio or terrace garden so that you have easier access to the leaves.

8. Sage


You must have heard about sage sticks or bought some recently to keep mosquitoes and bugs away. Why don’t you plant the sage plant in your home garden? Further, if you love having outdoor parties at your home, the leaves of this plant will be wonderful to go into the fire pits.

Once you put the sage leaves in the fire and the leaves burn, they will exude an earthy smell. This smell of the leaves keeps insects and mosquitoes away. Further, you can collect the dried leaves of the sage plants to make mosquito repellents at home.

Final Words

Along with the aforementioned plants that repel mosquitoes, you can also have allium, floss flowers, and scented geranium in your garden. Thanks to the presence of specific chemicals in them, these flowers can keep insects and mosquitoes away.

Further, when you have a garden adjacent to your house, and you want to get rid of mosquitoes, you have to make sure that water is not logged in planters and around the roots of the plants. Mosquitoes lay eggs in stagnant clean water.

So, are you ready to adopt some natural remedies to keep mosquitoes away by getting these plants in your garden? Or do you know about other plants that will protect you from mosquito bites? Don’t forget to share!

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