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What Is Precum Anxiety? Everything You Should Know


The misconceptions about precum are the leading cause of precum anxiety among people. Precum is also known as pre-ejaculate fluid. It basically comes out of when penis when the man becomes aroused. The precum can come out of the penis at any moment, even during foreplay and also during masturbation. The problem is that some men notice the precum while others fail to do so.

However, you do not need to worry since it is very natural for a male body to produce precum during the pre-ejaculation stage. However, you will need to worry about the number of misconceptions that are prevailing among people and on the internet.

Precum anxiety is an anxiety that occurs when people get various questions on their minds like – “What is precum?”, “How to precum?”, “What does precum look like?”, “Can someone get pregnant from precum?” and much more.

What Is Precum Or Pre-ejaculate Fluid?

To know more about precum, you will need to understand the difference between ejaculate fluid and pre-ejaculate fluid. In both cases, the fluid comes from the penis, but the sources of the formation of the fluids are different.

The ejaculate fluid contains semen, the source of which is the testicles, while the pre-ejaculate fluid or the precum is produced by the Cowper’s glands. Furthermore, sperms are found in the ejaculate fluid containing semen. However, in some cases, the precum also contains sperms, but the quantity is relatively lower than that of the ejaculate fluid.

When Is The Precum Formed?

The precum gets secreted during sexual arousal, which in turn, neutralizes the acidic elements in the urethra to prepare for the passage of sperms. The acidic elements are present in the urethra because it is the same passage through which the urine comes out of your body.

Apart from that, during sexual intercourse, the precum coming out of the penis neutralizes the acidity in the vagina of the female body as well. This helps in the passage of the sperm and, eventually, its survival in it. When the sperm comes out of the testicles, it needs a suitable pH for survival.

Precum: Characteristics And Constituents

If precum comes out of a male penis, it is a sign of the male body being healthy. Precum actually represents good sexual health, and it is entirely normal to secrete this fluid before ejaculation. Precum is a sign that the man is sexually aroused and the body is fully ready to produce the ejaculation fluid.

From the outside, the precum looks clear, colorless, and viscous fluid. It is also alkaline in nature and helps in reducing the acidity of the passage of sperm flow. Although the Cowper’s gland does not contain or produce sperm, the precum can contain sperm while it is coming out of the penis.

How Much Is Precum Produced By The Body?

Although the formation of precum is quite normal, it still varies among different males. On average, most men produce only some precum, which is quantifiable to only a few drops. However, there are some men who produce a large amount of precum from their penis. The latter is not a matter of concern. However, it can get a bit comfortable for the man, in case he is sexually aroused.

If you produce a large amount of precum before ejaculation, then the best idea for you would be to do a quick check-up with a doctor. With some medication, as prescribed by your doctor, you can lower the higher flow of precum coming out of your body.

On the other hand, if you are looking to increase the amount of precum coming out of your body, you cannot do a lot of things for that. This is because the amount of precum produced by your body is not dependent on you. Furthermore, you will also need to understand that all bodies are not the same.

Precum Anxiety: What Are The Odds Of Getting Pregnant From Precum?

During sexual intercourse among heterosexual couples, having an unwanted pregnancy is really worrisome. Hence, many people come up with the question of whether precum is capable of causing pregnancy or not. Significant precum anxiety that prevails among people is whether precum is capable of causing pregnancy.

The answer to this question is yes, as well as no, since many males produce precum with sperms, while some produce precum without sperms. However, the chances of precum leading to pregnancy are significantly less.

Precum Anxiety: The Chances Of Getting Pregnant From Precum Percentage

It has been discussed before that the Cowper’s gland does not contain or produce sperm. However, the precum or the pre-ejaculation fluid can contain sperm while it is coming out of the penis. In a study conducted in 2010, it was found that almost 41% of males produced precum-containing sperm from their penis. Furthermore, around 40% of the sample participants’ precum contained active sperm.

Moreover, remnants of previous ejaculation are also found in precum in the case of many males. The number of sperm cells number in the precum is significantly less as compared to the ejaculated fluid coming from the male testicles. Since sperm count quality below 39 million is considered to be of lower quality, hence, the chances of conception related to pregnancy get significantly reduced.

Although the odds of getting pregnant from precum are significantly reduced, it is not entirely eliminated. This is because it only takes one sperm to fertilize an egg in the ovum, which can lead to pregnancy. So, the chances of getting pregnant from precum cannot be entirely ruled out.

Summing Up

Precum anxiety is quite common and is a serious concern among people, primarily among youth. Considerable precum anxiety is whether precum can cause pregnancy or not. The answer to this is yes. However, the chances of precum-causing pregnancy are pretty low.

Furthermore, it is tough to control the amount of precum produced by the body. If you want to enhance your sexual pleasure, you don’t need to increase your precum flow. You can improve your sexual pleasure with different lubricants. Apart from that, always try to have a healthy and balanced lifestyle to make the most of your sexual activities.

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