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Pros And Cons Of Living In Arizona

Living In Arizona

If that’s a question you’ve been asking yourself, you’re not alone. The Southwestern state received 40.9 million visitors in 2021 alone, which makes tourism one of the state’s top industries.

All these people visiting The Grand Canyon State ask themselves the same question and like the answer.

Arizona is a natural beauty, and there are many reasons to visit or move to the state. However, by looking at the pros and cons of living in Arizona, it will be easier to make an informed decision.

The Pros

Beautiful Landscape

Arizona is known for its beautiful landscape, ranging from a ragged desert terrain in the lower part of the state to a wooded and mountainous landscape in the north.

Most people visiting the state want to experience the Grand Canyon, a major natural wonder. But when you arrive, you realize the desert offers more than just the Grand Canyon.

There are plenty of rock formations like the famous Monument Valley and Horseshoe Bend. The jagged, red rock backdrop of the Arizona desert will make you feel like you’re on Mars.

When you head north, the scenery changes to mountains, lakes, and extensive ponderosa pine forests.

Affordable Housing Costs

Affordable Housing Costs

According to Zillow, as of February 2023, the estimated home value in Arizona was $409,196. If you’re looking for affordable housing, the state has a competitive housing market to take advantage of.

Renting a one-bedroom will cost you around $1,000 or less, with a four-bedroom apartment costing you around $600 more.

If you’re buying, where you want to live will determine the home price. It can go from $243,931 in Safford to $433,926 in Phoenix.

Strong Economy

Arizona has a strong economy, with the state GDP hitting $341.8 billion in 2022. That marked a 2.5% from 2021 and a steady five-year growth rate of 1.3%.

The state has diverse industries ranging from manufacturing, mining, aerospace, business, and agriculture. These sectors have contributed to the state’s low unemployment rate.

Arizona has strong job growth, particularly in major cities like Phoenix and Tucson. Jobs in Phoenix and Tucson rose by 151,700 and 3,800, respectively, in the period between February 2020 to April 2023.

Cultural Diversity

Arizona’s rich and diverse culture means you’ll interact with people of all backgrounds. Although there’s a genuine Southwestern vibe, Native American and Spanish traditions are strong here.

If you’re searching for a place with a lively social life, you’ll find it. There’s so much to do and plenty of places to see.

The nightlife is fantastic, with modern takes in Phoenix and a wilderness experience in scenic towns like Sedona.

As a pleasant and friendly state, cannabis use is embraced. Adults can access cannabis but so can patients looking into the plant for medical purposes.

The Cons

The Weather Is Harsh

While the weather is one of the things that make Arizona beautiful, it’s one of the harshest in the US.

During the summer, temperatures in the desert state would average 90 °F with highs of over 120 °F. In a metropolitan area like Phoenix, where the environment is boxed in by buildings, the heat can be distressing.

High Cost Of Living

High Cost Of Living

Contrary to popular belief, Arizona is not an affordable state. The overall cost of living is high, ranking the state as the 14th most expensive. If you’re looking for affordable states, that’s 36 better options.

The state has an average personal consumption cost of $44,875 per year, only about $9,000 and $6,000 less than New York and Florida, respectively.

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Not Easy To Navigate

If you’re used to walking or cycling and love the feeling of sunshine and wind on your face, you won’t like it here. It’s ridiculously hot, and outside the cities, poisonous plants and scorpions are plentiful.

Cities in Arizona are not pedestrian-friendly due to the weather. You would need a car to move around or use public transport, which creates another navigation problem: bad traffic.


There is a lot to consider about living in Arizona. Undoubtedly, the Grand Canyon State is beautiful and encourages the outdoor lifestyle courtesy of its 200-plus sunshine days.

Still, there are drawbacks to living anywhere, and in Arizona, the heat, traffic, and high cost of living are worth keeping in mind.

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