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10 Ways To Reduce Stress And Improve Your Health

Over the past few years, there has been a deep dive into what it means to be stressed.  It used to be that you had to have endless projects, life events, and more to be stressed but now we realize that having a lack of consistency and human interaction can be just as stressful!

To help you combat stress and improve your health over time, here are some of the top ten tips that can help you re-engage with life and take over your stress instead of your stress taking you over.

Dedicated You Time

This is not sitting around doom-scrolling to try and disassociate.  Nor is it that moment of silence when you’re sitting on the toilet just waiting for everyone to wake up or conversely go to bed.  Dedicating your time requires that you set aside time for yourself either weekly or daily depending on your needs.

Do What You Enjoy

Sometimes, we end up spending our time doing things that others enjoy because we love them or care for them and that’s okay!  How you decrease stress though is by doing things that recharge you.  It doesn’t matter what kind of activity it is, as long as it is something that you enjoy.

Coping Is Not Relaxing

Above, I mentioned doom scrolling.  This is considered a coping mechanism to deal with the stresses of life.  Some coping mechanisms are taking too much medication, imbibing more than you need to regularly, or even avoiding contact with people.  These are not relaxation strategies, they are avoidance and numbing strategies.  Instead, focus on meditation to start relaxing and it might help break some habits.

Sun Breaks Are Important

Believe it or not, the sun is vital to decreasing stress.  If you have ever done research or heard about it, there are higher rates of depression and stress in places where there is not enough sunlight or the heat is too much to go outside.  When and where you can get at least 30 minutes of sunlight a day?  This can be in small breaks or all at once.  It will help!

Food Is Medicine

Food Is Medicine

Food is 100% medicine that helps us repair and recharge.  When a diet is full of fatty foods, extremely high carbohydrates, minimal protein, and micronutrients, then you aren’t going to feel good and your body will be stressed out.  It may feel like you are okay, but the types of food lead to internal inflammation and can even increase the stress on your body.

Decrease Substance Dependence

Any type of substance dependence is something to watch out for.  It doesn’t matter if it is something natural or not, depending on something for your decrease in stress can be dangerous.  One way that people help decrease more dangerous substance dependencies is by utilizing cannabis.

Cannabis can decrease symptoms related to stress and decrease anxiety and depression as well.  When this is done under a Medical Marijuana Doctor, they can help guide you in the process and decrease substance abuse in a regulated manner.

Decrease Internal Inflammation

Back to the idea of diet, if you are eating well and eating foods that decrease inflammation, your body is going to more easily let go of stress.  It won’t be the easiest thing in the world, but you’ll find a decrease in pain, swollen joints, and even some gastrointestinal issues.

Move Every Day

Seems easy enough, but isn’t.  From yoga to going to the gym to hiking, there are many options for movement.  Find something that you like and make sure you do at least 30 minutes of movement a day.

Stay In Contact With Close Friends

I’m not saying call your acquaintance from high school.  No.

When there are people in your life that feed into your life and are part of your community, talking to them and getting their perspective can greatly decrease stress.  Also, humans tend to be very social, and no matter your personality type, you still need the people around you.

Work on Mental Flexibility

In any situation, being able to turn your thoughts and attitude more easily is going to help adjust to what you will face in life.  The practice of mindfulness and mental flexibility will help you reduce stress and improve your health by adjusting your stress response.


There are so many ways to decrease stress.  The major areas that help the most are working with your mind and your food.  Those two areas, when balanced, can help you stay on track and decrease both internal and mental stress.

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