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What Is Semen Retention?

Semen Retention

Have you heard of “semen retention“? This is the habit of not ejaculating on purpose.

It has been said to increase vitality, sexual pleasure, fertility, and emotional well-being. But is this actually the case? What inspired the concept of semen retention?

It’s an idea that has really been around for a while, although there may not be much science behind it. Now let’s find out more about semen retention.

What is Semen Retention?

Semen Retention

The practice of semen retention involves refraining from ejaculating. You may achieve this by avoiding any sexual activity, of course. Alternatively, you may learn to orgasm without ejaculating.

The technique is probably as ancient as humans, despite the fact that it may sound like some crazy new trend.

People try it for a variety of reasons, including physical, emotional, and spiritual ones.

Continue reading to learn more about the possible advantages of semen retention, how it is carried out, and whether or not research backs up the underlying beliefs.

Origins Of Semen Retention

Origins Of Semen Retention

Semen retention may appear to be a contemporary idea, but this is only because the internet and discussion forums have made it simpler to conduct open discussions about such topics.

In fact, it’s a concept that has existed for a very long time and is a component of several old customs.

Many other explanations are given for why people are interested in semen retention, including the notion that frequent ejaculation makes you weaker. Some people assert that semen storage improves fertility, sexual pleasure, or physical wellness.

Many individuals believe that keeping sperm improves mental and spiritual growth, or that it helps focus sexual energy on other areas of life. Therefore, to them, it represents the pinnacle of self-control.

Is “Semen Retention” And “No Fap” The Same?

Semen Retention And No Fap

Although semen retention and “NoFap” are frequently used interchangeably, they are not the same. An organization by the name of NoFap operates the community-based porn recovery website NoFap is not a verb, a guiding philosophy, or a movement, according to the “about” section of

Its declared goal is to enable those who wish to overcome obsessive sexual behavior and enhance their relationships by offering knowledge and peer support. Therefore, while semen retention may be discussed, NoFap’s main goal is to quit the addiction to porn, not to particularly address it.

How Is Semen Retention Done?

Semen can be held by abstinence, edging, or retrograde ejaculation. The mere act of quitting all sexual activity, whether with a partner or without, is known as abstinence.

Having sexual activity on the verge of climax is referred to as Edging. Edge training requires a lot of self-control. To prevent orgasms, become aware of your body’s signs when masturbating or engaging in sexual activity. The sooner you stop having sex, the better. You can find it useful to squeeze the tip of the penis to interrupt an orgasm.

Retrograde ejaculation could be the most enjoyable technique, but it still calls for a lot of self-control. Achieving retrograde ejaculation calls for attentive attention to your body, much like edging. When you anticipate having an orgasm, push on the perineum to prevent semen from exiting the scrotum and anus. As a result, sperm will enter the bladder.

Are There Any Semen Retention Benefits?

Anecdotally, some people have claimed that refraining from ejaculation enhances their sexual pleasure, improves their mental clarity or health, or strengthens their connection to the spiritual world. All of these advantages are individualized, so if it has become a significant component of your mental health regimen, by all means, stick with what feels right to you.

But does sound evidence back up the benefits of semen retention for health? Actually, no. There are no significant medical advantages to avoiding ejaculating, however, it may be a personal or spiritual practice. Overall benefits come from having a good connection with masturbation, sex, and ejaculation.

A healthy partnership is an essential concept. If your need to masturbate, view porn, or engage in sex becomes obsessive or overpowering, you may be suffering from an addiction and should get assistance from a specialist.

Should You Avoid Semen Retention?

Semen retention might not have any advantages, while routine ejaculation has advantages. Here are five advantages of ejaculation, whether it occurs through intercourse or masturbation:

Avoid Semen Retention

1. Positive Effects On Prostate Health

Have you ever heard that the magic number is 21? The findings of an 18-year investigation on the relationship between ejaculation frequency and prostate cancer were reported in the European Urology Journal. Men who ejaculated more than 20 times per month—21 times was recommended—had a 20% lower risk of developing prostate cancer.

2. Lowering Tension

The hormones that make you feel happy, like oxytocin and dopamine, are stimulated by sex, masturbation, and ejaculation. This lessens stress and despair while enhancing mood.

3. Better Sleep

According to the Sleep Foundation, hormonal changes during sex or masturbation produce tiredness and facilitate sleep. About 50% of respondents claim that a masturbation orgasm makes their sleep better.

4. Reduces The Danger Of Heart Disease

Having sex once a month or fewer might raise your risk of cardiovascular disease, according to the American Journal of Cardiology.

5. It Maintains The Health Of Your Genitalia

Masturbation might help you feel more secure in your body and less anxious about sex. It maintains the health of your sexual organs by increasing blood flow to them. It also helps you learn about your own body and your sexual preferences.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

Many young men have had various doubts about semen retention. Here, I have cleared out some of their doubts:

Q1. What Happens If You Hold Your Sperm In?

➥ There is no proof that sperm blockage might be harmful or have unfavorable side effects. Sperm that hasn’t been jaculated is safe for the body and doesn’t accumulate. Sperm that is not expelled by ejaculation is reabsorbed by the body. The side effects on sex drive or fertility are nonexistent.

Q2. Does Sperm Retention Increase Testosterone?

➥ According to some studies, sperm retention can increase testosterone levels by up to 45% in just one week. However, after a few days, everything was back to normal. Having more testosterone is linked to having more energy.

Q3. How Long A Man Can Hold Sperm?

➥Sperm remains in a man’s body for around 74 days if he does not discharge it. The sperm cells then pass away and are bodily absorbed.

Retain Or Not To Retain That Is The Question!

Have you heard of “semen retention“? This is the habit of not ejaculating on purpose. It has been said to increase vitality, sexual pleasure, fertility, and emotional well-being. 

But is this actually the case? What inspired the concept of semen retention? It’s an idea that has really been around for a while, although there may not be much science behind it. Now let’s find out more about semen retention.

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