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Sex Guides To Have Sex For The First Time: Tips And Tricks

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I know performance pressure is real and can really make things worse for you if you are a first-timer. That is probably why you are here to read this sex guide for virgins to ensure that your first time becomes as memorable as it should be. 

However, you simply won’t learn everything simply by watching pornographic videos. You need to do some reading too. Therefore, start reading to enter the world of artistic obscenity.

How To Have Sex For The First Time: Guide For Male Virgins

If you are having sex for the first time, there are various things you need to keep in mind as a man. They are:

1. No Rubber, No Sex

No Rubber, No Sex

As a man having sex, you must remember one thing – one mistake can make you suffer for a lifetime. Just keep in mind that a woman cannot get pregnant by themselves.

To ensure that no one calls you dad yet, always wear a condom before having sex. It’s your best friend to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Therefore, always buy a pack of condoms and wear them when your time comes.

The best way to wear them is to hold the “pointy” tip and start sliding your friend inside it. Ensure that there is a little gap left at the top to collect your ejaculation inside and prevent it from leaking.

Chad Tip: Ask your partner which condom flavor he/she would like. 

2. Start With Some Foreplay….For More Play Later On

Start With Some Foreplay….For More Play Later On

If you read any international sex guide online, they will all say the same thing – start with some foreplay.

Most boys on their path to becoming a man make the mistake of sliding their friend in first. That’s not the best way to start. First, you should show some love by comforting and teasing your partner first.

There is three main external female genitalia that is pretty sensitive to touch. They are – the breasts (especially the nipples), the lips, and the clitoris (more about the clit later). All these areas are pretty sensitive, and the right motion will make them aroused instantly.

But how will you know whether your partner is aroused or not? Simply touch the vagina and see for yourself. If it’s wet and sticky, you are on the right track.

Chad Tip: Your tongue can do sensational wonders for her if used in the right way.

3. Discover The G-Spot

Discover The G-Spot

There are two things that most men still don’t know and are also not often mentioned in a sex guide. When it comes to the female anatomy, there is a hidden spot in her vagina that she is super sensitive to – the G Spot.

This area is situated a few inches deep inside the vagina (about three to four inches). If you place your finger inside her vagina, you will find a bigger bumpy surface a bit deep inside. If you touch it, you will automatically feel your partner twitch in joy and probably let out a sensational moan. If she does it in a sexual style, congratulations!

This G Spot is one of the best areas sensitive to arousal. Simply use two of your fingers to run that part. The best thing – you can do so with your penis too! Simply thrust that part over and over again to be like a pro (even if it’s your first time).

Chad Tip: If you cannot find the G Spot, don’t be discouraged from asking her. They’ll gladly guide you in the right direction.

4. Make Her Clit Your Best Friend

Make Her Clit Your Best Friend

The other secret spot often missed out in a sex guide is the clitoris. This is the small protruding flesh on the top of the vagina. If you want to know its exact location – it’s between the two fleshy covers on the top (called the labia majora and labia minora).

This soft, fleshy, and unassuming organ at the top is by far the most important organ of the female anatomy you need to know about. If you try to have a peek at it first, it’s covered by the labia. However, tease her and arouse her a bit, and it will soon rear its head to say hello. When you see that – it means it needs your attention.

You can rub the clit with your fingers or use your tongue for maximum arousal. However, be gentle with it. Do too much, and it can soon become painful for her. Do it right, she might have an orgasm before you even introduce your little friend to her.

Chad Tip: Lick the clit and rub the G Spot simultaneously. She will probably fall in love with you afterward.

5. Start Slow And Build Up Kinetic Momentum

Start Slow And Build Up Kinetic Momentum

Now, here comes the final tip for you young boys (and some young men, too) in this sex guide. 

When then the time comes for your little friend to shine, always start slow. Take it easy. Slowly insert her penis into her vagina and keep on thrusting it in and out. Don’t put your entire penis inside her on the first go. Do so after you feel she keeps getting wetter and wetter.

Many boys make the mistake of going in full John Rambo from the get-go. That will only lead to premature ejaculation before you’re even able to satisfy her. Trust me – that is the worst situation you can ever see yourself in.

Take it slow and change positions when you think you are getting a bit too aroused and nearing the climax. Also, sometimes stop and continue your foreplay for a while before getting back in for Round 2.

Chad Tip: While you are in motion, play with her breasts and clit, and kiss her too to satisfy her to cloud nine. 

6. Performance Pressure Is Real

Performance Pressure Is Real

Yes, you heard that right. Performance pressure does exist. If you think too much about your fated night, you might get tensed in the thigh of pleasuring a woman. You also might think that your penis might not be satisfying for her (even though it is, trust me on this). 

Having such negative thoughts can lead to two very bad outcomes – erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Therefore to prevent such outcomes, keep negativity in the bay and just enjoy your night (or day)!

Chad Tip: Don’t think about the size too much. It’s the technique that matters the most.

How To Have Sex For The First Time: Guide For Female Virgins

How To Have Sex For The First Time Guide For Female Virgins

While men might have to do a lot more to satisfy the woman, they also need to satisfy him in return. Fortunately, this is easier done than said.

To satisfy your man in the best ways possible, here are some tips to become the ultimate Becky or Stacy:

1. Oral Sex Is Awesome

Oral Sex Is Awesome

When I say oral sex in my sex guide, it does not stop at just lip kisses. Sometimes, you need to put his buddy in your mouth too.

I know, it sounds disgusting. But trust me, ladies. Once you get the hang of it, it will feel great for you too. It’s one of the best dirty sex ideas to impress your man.

Simply take his penis in your mouth and use your tongue to do wonders. Lick it and swallow it with a swirling motion to freak him out (in a good way). You can use your hands too here.

Chad Tip: Lick the topmost pink part of his penis. He will be in heaven soon.

2. Fake Moaning Can Sometimes Be A Bit Too Real

Fake Moaning Can Sometimes Be A Bit Too Real

It’s true that men want a sense of empowerment and domination in life in my sex guide. Therefore, to inflate his male ego, you can often let out a fake moan. If you think you hate over-inflated male ego’s in this patriarchal society, it actually works like a charm in bed.

Sometimes, it’s best to let out a fake moan and make some ecstatic noise in bed, but not as a public sex kink. This often has a positive effect on men, who automatically start doing everything better (and harder).

Chad Tip: Don’t do it too much. He will soon realize you are faking it.

3. Be A Western Cowgirl

Be A Western Cowgirl

Ever seen those old-school western movies about cowboys and cowgirls (featuring Clint Eastwood)? Did you ever notice how the cowgirl moves in a rocking motion while riding the horse? If you haven’t, now is a good time to do so.

The only difference here is that you don’t have a horse here. Instead, you have a man lying naked on the bed. Simply sit on top of his penis and take it inside. Then, make the rocking motion back and forth. Also, don’t forget to move up and down the big, hard, pole too! 

This is one of the best sex positions, as per my sex guide, also known as the Cowgirl.

Chad Tip: Use your thighs to “ride” your man. This will actually help you orgasm faster.

4. Let Him Know ASAP If You Feel Uncomfortable

Let Him Know ASAP If You Feel Uncomfortable

One of the most important sex tips for females in my sex guide – is never to feel shy to say you are uncomfortable. 

One of the most unassuming things women do on their first time in bed is to let the man control everything. Some believe a little pain will give them more pleasure. However, that isn’t always true. 

This is true for virgin women. There is a high chance that you might bleed due to the hymen rupturing during intercourse. When this happens, you might feel some pain (or even a lot). If this does happen, never keep it to yourself. Ask him to take it slow or stop if the pain is too much for you.

Chad Tip: Know the fine line between pleasurable pain and actual pain.

Best Sex Positions Guide For First Timers

Best Sex Positions Guide For First Timers

In this ulti-”mate” sex guide for virgins, I would suggest trying out these three positions as part of my bonus sex positions guide.

1. Missionary


One of the simplest styles. This style is fully in the control of the man to understand her sex language types. Here, simply lie down the girl on the bed and hold her legs up, with her buttocks and vagina facing you. Then, slowly insert your penis and start the game!

Chad Tip: Keep a pillow under her buttocks. This will somewhat elevate the position and help you hit her G Spot easily.

2. Doggystyle


This is by far one of the most famous sex styles of all time, inspired by our furry four-legged friends. Just help your girl get in all her fours and get behind her. Then, simply “stick” it in.

Chad Tip: Grab her hair from behind and pull it towards you. Women love it.

3. Cowgirl


As described before, this sex style is inspired by the rocking and “riding” motion. Here, the woman must sit on top of the man with his penis inside her. Then, simply move up and down and back and forth. Use your thighs for maximum control and pleasure!

Chad Tip: Make the man sit on a chair first. Then, sit on his lap.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Virgins always get tense thinking about their first sex. Therefore, they ask way too many questions before the inevitable. As a chad, I have decided to answer some of these doubts, which are:

Q1. How Do I Prepare For Good Sex The First Time?

Ans: To prepare for good sex, you must make a few things right.
⦿ Apply a good perfume. It’s bad if you smell bad.
⦿ Wear comfortable clothes that don’t make you sweat too much and are easy to open. You don’t want to be stuck in limbo trying to open them.
⦿ Have a positive mindset, and do not be tense. This can lead to bad and unsatisfying sex for both partners.

Q2. Is Anal Sex Painful?

Ans: Yes, anal sex for first-timers can be a bit painful. If you wish to do it, do it with each other’s consent. Stop immediately if it becomes too painful.

Q3. How Not To Ejaculate Early?

Ans: It can be embarrassing for a man to ejaculate too early. To prove your manhood, you can:
Have a calm and positive mindset. Thinking too much about it can get you tensed or too aroused.
Change sex positions and take a break if you think you will ejaculate soon.

Most Important Tip: Just Relax And Enjoy!

Now that you know about how to have sex like true Chad or a Stacy after reading this sex guide, what are you waiting for?

Carpe Diem and make every moment memorable!

And don’t get the jitters thinking about not performing well. Just go in and enjoy!

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