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Tricep Workouts 101: What To Know And How To Get The Best Out Of It!

tricep workouts guide

Tricep workouts are important if you are also fawning over the big guns that ‘the Rock’ or Jason Momoa show-off. The triceps are an important muscle that make up the arm muscles. These muscles are important in lifting and performing other tasks that require upper body strength. Did you know, the triceps make up two-thirds of the arm muscles.

Triceps are an important focus of most workout plans due to the role it plays in the upper body strength, as well as helping in instigating elbow and shoulder rotation. The triceps add to the arm strength and provide a definition to your arms.

Its importance is understood in building upper body strength and arm strength which is important for day-to-day activities. No matter if you are a bodybuilder or someone who is into overall fitness- tricep workouts should be an important part of your routine! The following sections give a run down of the tricep workouts that you must add in your regime.

Overview of the Tricep Muscles and Their Role  

Overview of the Tricep Muscles and Their Role  

The tricep brachii is a thick, large muscle that is present on the dorsal part of the upper arm, it appears in the shape of a horseshoe. The triceps help in extending the elbow joint- with the help of its three heads. These are its- long, lateral and medial heads. The tendons have different origins, however, the heads combine to form a single distal tendon. Following list highlights the role all three heads have:

  • Long head assists in adduction and extension of the arm at the shoulder joint,
  • Lateral head helps active extension of the forearm at the elbow joint- during pronation or supination of the forearm.
  • The medial head remains active during the extension of the forearm at the elbow joint, similar to the lateral head.

Importance of Targeting Triceps  

Importance of Targeting Triceps  

The triceps help in stabilization and promotion of healthy joints at the shoulder. It is important to train your triceps so that you can perform your daily activities without any hindrance. Everything that you do has some involvement of the triceps, thus you cannot ignore this member of the arm muscles.

From helping you lift and throw things to helping you maintain a good posture, these do it all. Be it pushing a stroller, shopping cart or even a door, triceps play a role in all of these activities.

So, let us begin by looking at the equipment needed for your workouts.

Essential Equipment for Tricep Workouts  

A. Dumbbells: Dumbbell tricep workouts are essential for building that stability you need in your chest and tricep workouts

B. Barbell Exercises: Barbell exercises help in completing bicep and tricep workouts without the need of another equipment. This improves the accessibility of gym equipment, especially if you are a beginner.

C. Cable Machines: Cable tricep workouts are some of the most exciting ones as it improves your control over the muscles.

D. Bodyweight Exercises: These are best suited for those who cannot go to the gym as much as they want. Bodyweight exercises help in building the balance and coordination that conditions and strengthens the arms. Bodyweight exercises are accessible for everyone that improves a person’s practice.

Now that you’ve got your equipment ready, here are the top 6 exercises that just elevate your tricep workouts.

Pro tip: Before starting your exercise, be sure to get at least 5-10 minutes of warm-up finished. This will help you in loosening the muscles and getting your adrenaline pumping. If you are a beginner, then you must start the following exercises with the lowest weight available so that you can build your form.

Top 6 Effective Tricep Exercises- Why Should You Add Them!  

  A. Tricep Dips  

Tricep Dips

One of the easiest workouts that you can add to your routine, this is kind of an essential exercise. The tricep dips are great for building muscle mass. The exercise can be done with the help of additional weights or solely with body weight depending on your fitness level.

How to do it:

  • Stand between parallel bars and grab each one with your palms facing each other. Then, jump to lock out your arms.
  • Stack your elbows, wrist and shoulders behind your collarbone, do not shrug your shoulders.
  • Push your shoulders back and down while slightly leaning forward. Bending your arms, keep your elbows tucked close to your sides, while it points straight back.
  • Lowering yourself slowly, get your shoulders below your elbow.
  • Now, push your hands to straighten the arms to the return position.
  • Repeat this till you have completed at least 8-12 reps.

If you are someone who can easily do 8-12 reps of tricep dips, you can consider adding weights between your feet/knees or wear a dip belt.

  B. Close-Grip Bench Press  

Close-Grip Bench Press 

Also known as triceps bench press, this exercise targets the triceps, shoulder and chest. The exercise is slightly different from the traditional bench press in its narrow grip.

  • Performing close grip press is an easy way to add a different exercise to your upper body workout.
  • Using close push actions is imperative for athletes who play rugby, football or basketball.
  • The sport-specific exercise is great for building that required arm strength!
  • The following video can help you nail the exercise.

   C. Overhead Tricep Extension  

Overhead Tricep Extension 

This is a great dumbbell exercise that you can do while sitting or standing.

  • You need to keep a good grasp of the equipment to avoid any injury.
  • Keep a good posture while doing the exercise such that your trunk is upright and your core is engaged.
  • The dumbbell should follow the path of your spine- maintaining a straight line while going down.
  • The following video guide will help you get the proper form.

   D. Skull Crushers  

Skull Crushers  

A must-have in tricep workouts, skull crushers help in making your triceps work for strength.

  • Your elbows must stay shoulder-width apart, without being too close or too far.
  • You must also avoid flaring out your elbows as it can injure your shoulders and take the emphasis off your triceps.
  • The following guide can help you nail the exercise.

   E. Tricep Kickbacks  

Tricep Kickbacks  

These are good for toning and sculpting your arms.

  • It puts emphasis on the lateral head more than the medial and long head muscles.
  • It also improves the overall balance, posture and core strength for you.
  • The exercise is also great if you are thinking of achieving an optimal position that can stabilize your upper body.  
  • The following guide is helpful in understanding how to do the exercise.

   F. Diamond Push-Ups  

Diamond Push-Ups 

A modified form of push-ups, diamond push-ups are exactly what they sound like.

  • Your hands form the shape of a diamond- directly putting the focus on the triceps to perform.
  • A great option if you are looking for at home tricep workouts, this exercise can easily be done without a proper gym setup.
  • This push-up is a great tricep-targeting exercise that you can do anywhere- the only requisite is a wall or a flat surface.
  • The following tutorial can help you nail the exercise.

Recovery and Maintenance  

The trick to build your muscles and increase muscle mass is giving your body appropriate rest and proper nutrition.

  • When you get the proper nutrition (protein-rich when you want to build muscles), your body has the adequate resources to increase the muscle mass.
  • Recovery of the muscles that are strained during the workout require rest to help them repair and grow.
  • Rest days are very important- at least 48 hours between training triceps- helps the muscles recover.
  • Following the RICE method– or the Rest, Ice, Compress and Elevate, helps in maintaining a proper state of the muscles.

These points are important in your journey to building healthy muscles that add to your strength.


This is all you need to know about the tricep workouts and how they can be built through simple exercises. The article also contains the necessary steps you need to follow for your muscles to recover properly.

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