The Caffeine Rush

Excess caffeine will only make you jittery and having a lot of coffee in one sitting can make you nervous and anxious.

Being able to recognize the signs will be helpful

Facing increased heartbeat, fidgetiness, or difficulty sleeping? These may be tell-tale signs that you could be overdosing on caffeine and that might in turn contribute to anxiety.

The process of discovery.

Everybody's reactions are different. Recording the changes in your reactions as you get exposed to more caffeine will help you find your comfort zone or warning sign

Balance & Attractive alternates

Go for lower-caffeine alternatives such as tea or decaf. They can bring about a balanced intake. Thus, anxiety will not be unbearable while you are enjoying your beloved ritual.

Mindful Consumption

Pay attention to your body and follow suggestions that may bring you peace. Mindful ingestion is extremely important, and one may choose not to have a second cup, which can likewise increase your anxiety.