What are cravings?

Cravings are strong urge to engage in a particular activity or consume a substance. Cravings are linked to the brain's reward system- specifically dopamine.

Role in management of cravings?

Mindfulness helps in increasing awareness of our thoughts, emotions and physical sensations. It also helps in enhancing the ability to tolerate discomfort. Its role in building resilience is another factor that is helpful.

Mindfulness techniques to manage cravings

Body scan meditation, - Deep breathing exercises, - Mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR), - Mindful eating

What is MBSR?

A practice that helps manage stress through combining meditation, yoga and body awareness. This enhances your well-being, focusing on your struggle with cravings.

How can you integrate mindfulness in your life?

Mindful movement, - Mindful moments, - Mindful communication. Incorporating mindfulness in your daily activity can improve your control over urges.