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Why Does My Hip Pop? (Know The Reasons, Treatments And Preventive Measures)

why does our hip pop?

Do you feel a snapping sensation and a popping sound in your hip? It can be a result of the snapping hip syndrome. People with the syndrome feel this particular sensation as they get up from the bed or the chair after long hours of sitting. You can even experience the same as you are taking a walk. So, do you want to know “why does my hip pop?”

These problems are common among dancers and athletes. However, you and I can also feel the same popping sound in our hips.

Here is a guide to discuss why the hip pops and how we can fix the problem. I will also share a brief note on how we can prevent this problem.

Why Does My Hip Pop?

Why Does My Hip Pop?

If you want to know “why does my hip pop”, you have to understand the problem happens because of the anatomy or hip formation of a person. To be more specific, sometimes, the muscles and tendons in our hips move over a bony growth. As a result, we get to hear a popping sound or experience a snapping sensation in the hip.

The snapping hip syndrome can be of two types. Your hip can have external and internal snapping.

External Hip Popping

Most of us having a snapping hip syndrome experience external hip popping. This one happens in the back, side or front of our hips. Tightening of the following muscles causes external hip popping.

When these muscles become tight, and they move over the protruding bone structures in the hip, there is a popping sound and sensation.

Internal Hip Popping

The sensation of internal hip popping is deeper. You can experience the same sensation in your joints or the front of your hip. There are two reasons why internal hip popping takes place.

  • Problem in the fibrocartilage gasket around your hip socket
  • The cartilage lining the hip socket

Now that you know why does my hip pop and what the types are, it’s time to learn the treatments and preventive measures for the problem

What Are The Treatments If Your Hip Pops?

What Are The Treatments If Your Hip Pops?

The treatment of snapping hip syndrome starts with the right diagnosis. To diagnose the problem, the doctor will ask you questions about the sensation and sound you experience. At the same time, you will need to share your medical history, including any history of hip problems you had to help your doctor in the diagnosis.

The doctor will also ask you to move your hips in certain ways while applying gentle pressure. It is important to understand the locations of the muscle problems. Further, for accurate diagnosis, the doctor will ask you to do an X-ray and magnetic resonance imaging or MRI.

Once the diagnosis is made and the doctor is sure that you have a snapping hip syndrome, they will start the following treatments.

Rest For Rejuvenation

The doctor will suggest a period of rest if your hip is popping. As you rest, the symptoms will improve, and the tendons will start to heal. Further, rest is important if you want a smooth transition into your daily life and other stages of treatment.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy can be of great help if you want to get rid of hip popping and its uncomfortable symptoms. The therapist will ask you to stretch your muscles so that the muscles and tendons become stronger.


Doctors also administer corticosteroid injections to reduce inflammation and relieve the symptoms. Doctors will perform an imaging of your hips to identify the exact location of inserting injections.


For the treatment of popping hips, doctors also suggest ibuprofen medications. These medicines are helpful in reducing swelling and inflammation.


A combination of hot and cold compress is a useful treatment if you are suffering from snapping hip syndrome. This is especially effective if there is inflammation in the muscles and you are feeling pain caused by another muscle or tissue problems caused by popping hips.

Arthroscopic Surgery

The last resort for the treatment of popping hips is arthroscopic surgery. This surgery is done to lengthen the problematic tendons. The surgery is also useful to remove tendons causing discomfort and the popping sensation.

This surgical procedure is minimally invasive, and the doctor will not cut open a major area for the straightening or removal of the tendons. Further, the surgery is done using advanced tools. So, there will be a very short recovery time after the surgeries, and you will be able to get back to your normal life in a while.

Taking some preventive measures helps to avoid the snapping hip syndrome or the hip popping problem. So, in the next section, I will talk about some preventive measures to keep your hip healthy.

How Can I Prevent My Hip From Popping?

How Can I Prevent My Hip From Popping?

The preventive measures for getting a healthy hip are easy. Follow them to avoid having problems in the tendons and muscles.

  • Staying active is the key to avoiding snapping hips. So, as you wake up in the day and plan the activities for the day, make sure that you are making movements. Being inactive or leading a sedentary lifestyle can cause popping hips and other muscle problems, and you must not do that if you want to know, “why does my hip pop.”
  • Seek help from professional experts and trainers to know what type of exercises will be beneficial for you. Exercises that stretch and strengthen core muscles are ideal to avoid popping hips.
  • Snapping hip syndrome is an annoying muscle problem. However, one good thing about this problem is that it does not make you feel any pain or discomfort. Still, ignoring this problem for a long time can cause major problems like bursitis. In bursitis, the tissues surrounding your hips swell up.

Final Words

I hope that you have found the answer to your question, “why does my hip pop,” This problem or sensation in the hips happens when some muscles or tendons run over bony growths in your hips. You can prevent this problem by remaining active and practicing exercises that strengthen your core and hip muscles.

The treatments for this problem include medications, injections, and surgeries. So, choose an active lifestyle to avoid having this problem.

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