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Jamba Juice Good For You? Here Is A Complete Look At Its Menu.

Jamba juice health benefits

Jamba, from the company Jamba Juice, is an American juice bar and quick-service restaurant. The restaurant serves a range of options such as various smoothies, juices, bowls and iced beverages. The company also serves both fresh and packaged options that you can take. The company also has kid-friendly options.

If you have had this question “Is jamba juice good for you?” this article will help you get a clear answer and make up your mind.

The article looks at the expansive menu and recommends a few options that may suit your diet.

History Of Jamba Juice 

Jamba Juice started by the late Kirk Perron, who was also the founder of Juice Club Inc. The company was started in 1990, with its headquarters in Atlanta, GA. The company was founded in San Luis Obispo, California.

The trend of healthy lifestyle was something that caught wind in America decades ago. Perron, like most of us who are always trying to make healthy choices, started the restaurant due to the lack of good post-workout snacks. Thanks to him, millions of people have been able to opt for healthier choices after their workout or on their way to school/ University or work.

If nothing, at least people got the idea of making healthier snacks and breakfast options at home. He had rightly noted that the supermarkets and the available breakfast cafes were offering options that were “mostly filled with fat.” A fact that has been contributing to the poor health across the country and then worldwide as well.

The company went through a journey with selecting a name- from being called “Juice Club” that was present in nearly 19 locations. And then it took a turn towards company-owned stores in 1995 when the restaurant chain was renamed “Jamba Juice” finding its roots in West African dictionary. The word Jamba means “celebration” in West Africa.   

The company also went with the idea of collaborating with Nestle to come with a line of products that are healthy and pre-packaged. This would allow it to takeover the market where there was still a scarcity of healthy, pre-packed items that consumers could make easily.

Why Is It Popular Now?  

The question that most of the people who hear about it for the first time ask “how healthy is jamba juice?” The health-quotient of the restaurant is quite high which has led to its hype. The products from this company are all the rage due to the healthy options it provides. Especially with its wide selection of add ons in kids’ section. From vegan-friendly options such as soy, and whey proteins to daily vitamin zinc and 3G energy, they ensure kids get are fed something good. Apart from that, the add ons also include whole food options such as

  • adding non-fat Greek yogurt
  • peanut butter
  • Ginger
  • Matcha Green Tea
  • Kale
  • Blue Spirulina

The kids’ menu boasts of healthy options that you can add in your kid’s smoothie, for example, to enhance the health benefits or meet their nutritional needs.

The rising cases of allergies and other digestive issues are causing an alarm amongst parents. This is another reason why the brand is quite popular among kids too- they like how their smoothies can be blue or pink. And parents like the fact that those colors are not coming from harmful dyes or chemicals.

What Are The Options?

A look at Jamba Juice menu can show you the plethora of healthy options this place serves. The following section will look at a few of the options that we found to be filling, hassle-free and the delicious!

  1. Smoothies: The smoothies are available in classic, plant-based, super blends and kids sections. The following are some of the most healthy jamba juice smoothies that we loved!

A. Classic:

Classic Smoothies

Why we love this: The refreshing classic Jamba juice was a great diversion from the usually available options. The smoothie tastes really fresh, and the ingredients come together to form a unique flavor that you would not have tried anywhere else.

B. Plant-based

Plant-based Smoothies

Why we love this: Peaches, mangoes, kale, lemonade with that kick of ginger. What’s not to like in this! Above that you can also add different options such as peanut butter, yogurt, or other frozen fruits. But we preferred the smoothie as it is.

C. Super blends

 Super blends Smoothies

Why we love this: Its hard to hate it when it is Acai! This blend comes from their “Whirl’d famous” category. This powerpacked mix is our choice due to the rich, juicy mix of ingredients such as acai grape juice blend, along with raspberry sherbet, strawberries and blueberries. The smoothie is made with soymilk, with daily vitamin and zinc boost. This tastes heavenly along with being so good for the body.

D. Kids

Kids Smoothies

Why we love this: Apart from the add ons you can add to your kids’ drink, you can rely on the original concoction to give your kid the right nutrition. The drink contains apple strawberry juice blend, bananas, and strawberries. It is a big hit with children, and it also tastes yum.

  1. Bowls
Bowls Smoothies

Why we love this: This healthy bowl of nutrition provides the goodness of soymilk., bananas, organic granola, honey, acai blend, and berries. Such as blueberries and strawberries. Similar to the smoothies, you can also customize your bowl with add ons to elevate the nutritional benefits.

  1. Food
Food Smoothies

Why we love this: The most unique option from Jamba juice’s food menu. The impossible sandwich comes with a sausage that was quite literally impossible for most fas food chains. Plants! The sausage comes from a mixture of plants, laid on a bed of sprouted grain bun. You also get a generous spread of white cheddar cutting through.

  1. Fresh Juice n’ shots

Why we love this: This fresh juice of orange and carrot has been a go-to during the flu season. You may also pair it with ginger lemon cayenne shot to add that kick of ginger and get its benefits.

  1. Grab n’ go
Grab n' go Smoothies

Why we love this: This is a great snack if you cannot find an alternative for your everyday travel. The hustle and bustle of a work life does not let us stop and savor the moment- this bar lets you escape the madness.

  1. Combos + packs
Combos + packs of Smoothies

Why we love this: This was the most healthy option that you can get your hands on because who doesn’t like a freebie!

Are There Any Risks?

The risks that you may run into are associated with possible allergic reactions to the ingredients that you choose to consume. All the items on the menu come with a warning which allows you to make your choices correctly. So, it is crucial that you inform the staff if you have any food allergy.


This was all on the healthy Jamba juice and the best options from their menu. The article familiarizes you to the menu and some of the best options that you may try! The menu can also be customized as per your taste, so you may want to explore the options that are present.

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