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Effective And Proven Ways Of How To Increase Girth Size Fast

How To Increase Girth Size Fast

When it comes to private parts, almost all men are concerned about increasing the size of their penis girth. Not only for physical needs but the size of the penis is also believed to impact masculinity through the ages. So, the desire to get a bigger girth size increased a lot in men over the years. 

Also, the girth length, function, size has become an issue for some men as well. There was a time when Greeks believed having a smaller penis was a sign of superiority, as portrayed in their arts. However, the times have changed a lot and the common question arisen among men “how to increase girth size fast” We will help you find out some of the effective and proven ways to help you get the best results. 

Why Everyone Wants To Find Out “How To Increase Girth Size Fast”?

Before we proceed to find out the ways, let’s find out why everyone wants to know how to increase girth size fast. As mentioned earlier, having a bigger girth size helps to boost satisfaction and self-esteem. There is a name of this condition known as the Phallic identity. 

Based on this, men are focused on the idea that the penis is the center of symbolically and identity empowered.  The “bigger is better” tendency is still there, making men look for ways to increase their girth size. However, it is also true that women also like it and fancy it. 

If you are here, it means you are also looking for ways to increase the girth size fast. There are many natural ways available that can help you to get a bigger girth size. Here is the chart that will help you to know how fast it works. 

Top Proven And Effective Ways To Increase The Girth Size 

Effective Ways To Increase The Girth Size

With the help of surgery or medicines, you can easily increase the size of your girth. While it takes less time, it comes with many complications as well. Many people try to look for other natural ways to avoid surgery. If you are here, it means you are one of them who is looking for ways to get a bigger girth in natural ways. Don’t worry; we will help you to provide some of the best and proven ways of how to increase girth size fast at home.

1. Pumping Process 

Pumping Process 

The first process to get a bigger girth size is known as the pumping process. It is one of the popular processes of how to increase girth size fast naturally. To do this, you will need to pump your penis to create a vacuum in the shaft. The air within the penis will release or be pumped out, and all the tissues begin to swell. 

It creates a negative blood flow to enhance the penis blood flow and increase the size of girth. When you are performing this procedure, proceed with caution as overdoing it can cause damage to the tissues. The increased blood flow can easily make the thing layer burst.

2. Clamping Process 

Another very popular process that can help you get the answer of how to increase girth size fast. You will need to tie the erected penis to prevent all the blood from going back in this process. So, this process can only be completed when you erect. Also, you need to keep in mind that this process will also swell up the tissues and cells a lot more than the usual when the blood is stored. 

Increasing tissues will cause the girth to expand and reach the maximum size. However, use a protective wrap around the penis base during penis clamp. The soft padding between the shaft and clamp will act as soft padding and relieve you from any discomfort. When performing this process, start slowly from 5 minutes and increase the time with every session to reach 10 minutes. 

3. Manual Stretching Process 

Manual stretching is one of the easiest processes to get a bigger girth size among the above-mentioned ones. You can do this process just by using your hands. All you have to do is massage the shaft tissues. It will create micro-tears and stretch the skin a lot, the tissues will look engorged once they are healed. 

It can also increase the size of girth as well with tissue massage. However, you will need to be consistent to get the result. Using some devices will also give you the same result as the stretching procedure. If you want to find some other ways of how to increase girth size fast, then here are some other processes given below. 

4. Jelqing Process 

If you are looking for a natural method, jelqing is the best one for you. It will increase the girth size with just using your hand just like the clamping exercise. You just have to use your index finger and thumb to form the letter “o”. Keep it around the schlong base and squeeze it hard to keep the blood circulating. 

It will expand the tissues around your penis and increase the girth over time. Just like all the other procedures, the jelqing process can cause bruises if you are not careful. In the long run, it can cause nerve damage and nerve compression. You might also get some difficulty during the erection. Now that you know how to increase girth size fast, choose the best method from the list. 


One of the most common questions among men is how to increase girth size fast. You will be able to get many different ways to do that, but most of them include using medicines or surgery. 

Don’t worry, there are other ways available that can help you to increase the girth size fast without any surgery or pills. We have covered some of the best and effective ways to increase the girth size. Make sure to go through all of the different methods to find the most fitting one for you. 

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